2018 theory11 Holiday Contest - The Wheel Returns!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lyle Borders, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Thank you. I was going by last year's start date which I thought was the usual start date. I appreciate the clarification!
  2. Yay thx
  3. I keep getting this when I try to spin today. Can someone get me back on track?

  4. Nevermind, It works now. I got a spin again then 50 points!! That's 150 total so far.
  5. In 4 years I never won anything material, always Elite Points or No Rewards: maybe this is the right year!
  6. is the wheel somehow programmed to remember how much EP a particular user has won and is there a upper limit set for users that users cant win more than certain amount of EP in the month and what the wheel does is look into users history of EP won so far, and what how much their quota of points is remaining and then distributes those points?
  7. Nope! All spins created equal - past spins make no difference, and we don’t distinguish in any way between “free spins” and spins acquired via purchases.
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  9. Fixed now, thank you! The rules pop up now when you click.

    // L
  10. [rubbing hands hard] Hoping for a good spin today. Seems it makes me wait an hour extra everyday though. I wish it were by calendar day and not a timer on the person.
  11. I have a reminder set on my phone that repeats every day this month.
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  12. 325 points from the wheel this time
  13. just got 500 points on my daily spin. Thats great if I purchase.
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  14. Just won a rarebit gold after I purchased the Midnight NOCs! Let’s goooooo!!!!
  15. 25 points today! I am going for the slow dance. If I don't win, I will buy it later on ;)
  16. My spin said I won a rarebit gold about 2 1/2 hours ago but I never got the confirmation email. I saw somthing about waiting 48 hours to claim your prize, but I am not sure if it said I only have 48 hours or it will show up in 48 hours. I do not want to miss out. I know I should have taken a screen shot, but I was excited and hit the contine button (or whatever it said) then it put me back on the wheel with 0 spins left. Should I panic or just wait for the email?
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  17. Wait. I won A rarebit last night and got an email today. Don’t worry man you are good :)
  18. Thanks for the feedback. That makes me feel a lot better!
  19. The form should show up in 48 hours. You have longer than that to claim it!

    // L
  20. any of the top prizes won yet?

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