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  1. Hey guys,
    Has anyone seen the trailers for this new film coming out?
    The YouTube page for it is here.

    It's about a group of kids that learn to count cards and use it at the table.

    Apparently its based on a true story. Anyone know who it's about?

    Can't wait to see it. =]

    ~The Emogician~
  2. This movie is already out by me. I haven't seen it yet, but I heard it was good.
    It's about this college professor having a group of kids that are good with numbers, and he teaches them on how to count cards. This one guys does it because he needs money for college, I think.
    In return, the college kids give the professor a cut of whatever they make.

    I think the kids get greedy though, by saying that they don't need the professor anymore. Then I'm pretty sure one of them gets caught.

    I could be wrong, but this is what I got out of the commercials.
  3. it's about people named Choi, Fisher, Micky, Ben, Jill, Cole, Kianna, and Miles. 5 of them are students. Ben is the main character. It looks really good, i want to see it. :cool:
  4. Looks pretty good :) Sigh, if only I didn't have exams... ¬_¬

    - Sean
  5. yeah i saw it it came out about a week ago... its really good... me and my friends actually saw it twice in a row
  6. I've seen it once so far and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It's about the MIT blackjack team and it is based on a true story. This one math professor at MIT studied card counting and taught some of his students. They got really good and would go to casinos in Vegas and all over the world to make lots of money. If you're thinking about going it's worth it in my opinion because I think it was pretty well done except for a few deviations from the real life story (obviously they had to spice it up for a movie). If anyone is interested in Blackjack or card counting though, you could read the book "Bringing Down the House" which is what the movie 21 is based on.
  7. Me and a friend are seeing it tonight ;)

  8. I've been waiting for this for ages.
    Coming into Estionian cinemas on the 28th.
  9. Apparently it's not too great by RT standards, but looks entertaining.

    EDIT: Loki, I just have to say: The internet.
  10. I've seen it and if your going to see a movie, see this one.

    It's based on a ture story and it's also based on the book, "breaking the house"

    It's about Ben campbell who needs 300 000$ for havard and can't get a scholarship, so he counts cards

    I would give this movie something like a 8.5/10 not perfect but a must-see
  11. That's the problem, people say it's so inaccurate it's fugly.
  12. i saw it last night with my gf and we both really enjoyed it. good plot and the has a little bit of everything in it for everyone. Great little side point is that the guy who the original book and the movie 21 is based off of makes a cameo in the movie as a black jack dealer. His name is Jeff Ma and he really did count cards with friends from school and he really is banned from almost every single casino in vegas. all in all a great movie and real fun to watch
  13. I seen it twice and its very good I love the Movie 9/10, although like the first 20 minutes are kinda boring but i guess that every movie,
  14. I loved it! For those who still don't know it's about an MIT Blackjack team who uses card counting techniques to beat the game of blackjack and win loads of money. I won't spoil anything but it is truly a great movie in my opinion.

  15. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. As you can see, my signature is actually a line from the movie. After watching it i really wanted to learn how to count cards and it turns out that it is not that hard at all. In the movie they use the Hi-Lo count, which is the simplest one. The movie does exaggerate a little bit but it is inspired by a true story so it is possible. Anyways, I thought it was a great movie and if you get the chance to go, it will be well worth your money.
  16. Yeah the guys name is Jeff Ma and I've seen it the day after it came out (week ago) and really liked it. It kinda reminded me of my goals, too. I'm learning how to count.

    BTW this is completely off-topic, and don't even start there are cards involved because this is still way off-topic, the only magical thing about the movie is the fact that he can add numbers in the thousands places so quickly, probably a camera trick.
  17. I saw the movie today and I liked it alot. You also learn a lesson in the movie.
  18. Alright. I saw the movie and let me say, it was a celluloid train wreck. It aped every bad teen movie cliche ever shown in any movie. Kevin Spacey is OK as is Lawrence Fishburne, but the rest of the movie was crap. The only lesson you learn is that you should stop while you're ahead.

    Don't waste your time. Just read the book instead.
  19. Good documentary

    There's a great documentary based on the real MIT-team, called "Breaking Vegas" or something.... the whole thing lies on youtube, really entertaining, and you get the real facts, interviews with the actual members etc :)

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