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  1. Well , do you guyZ know any good sandwich effect you came across that's not very hard and has a great impact on the audience if done right.
  2. Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher is awesome. Heider Guimares also has som really good sandwich effects.Hope this helps
  3. search and destroy is one of my favs and its easy to perform, almost slef working, great explanation on the DVD too. Aaron fisher is the shiznit. besides S&D, Daniel Madison has Quite a few Sandwhich effects, Although they will take a bit of practice depending how good you are with your cards. If you have any more questions, you can PM me if you like. Im Always open to help
  4. DM has a good one in his book ONE, its called cameo.

    It has multiple phases, kind of a ambitious sandwhich, with the sandwich ending in your pocket.

    even if you dont like the whole thing, theres lots of good sleights to use to create your own. Thats what i did
  5. i hate sandwhich effects... they make me hungry...

    but search and destroy ftw
  6. I love search and destroy, but I don't always get great reactions, just good reactions.
  7. create a really suspenseful patter and it will kill.... it closes my close up routine
  8. I personally like the two detectives trick for a few reasons... I think it's the short one shown on the S&D movie at the beggining.
    First of all, it's the first card trick I learnt, second, it's very simple (which suits your request in the main post), and third, it's very versitile and I always adjust it's patter to relate to the audiences.
    I often use it as an opener since it's short, in the face, and easy to relate and connect with, for example my friend's father is a policeman so I say the two kings are cops, and the selection is a robber, or if performing to friends in the army I talk about flanking from above and below. If opening then I'll say I sometimes mess up, so I start off with help of my two detective cards...and so on and so on and on.

    Bottom line: great trick for mant reasons.
  9. In the October issue of MAGIC Magazine there is a great sandwich effect in Joshua Jay's column, "Talk About Tricks." I think it's called "Process of Elimination." Good routine with a great ending. Check it out! :)
  10. I am surprised no one said ishkabibble sandwich by Eric Jones. Its a 1on1
    I think its better the search and destroy. However still get search and destroy the half pass that is taught in great detail on the dvd is more useful than the actual effect.
  11. Oh yah,, I love ishkabibble as well.

    I also like this sandwich...
  12. ishkabibble would really serve as a great lead in to S&D...
    I usually do a quick sandwich trick and then say "but wouldn't it be cooler is we did that in slow motion?" and then go into search and destroy
    Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher
    Catch by Daniel Madison
    Collectors by Dan and Dave Buck
    Just Joking by Jay Sankey
    Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones
    White or Wheat by Daniel Garcia
    Half Vanish by Daniel Madison

    Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher is by far my favorite one. It is simple, easy, powerful, and impromptu.

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