A Must Read For Magicians, and Any Other Performer

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  1. A few days ago my father came home with a book for me. My father, to whom I gave a banjo to for a christmas present two years ago, was perusing the books store, when he came across a certain book. The subject of the book is a man who is an amazing performer, mastering numerous skills and selling out many stadiums with his acts. He has done everything from banjo playing, to worked at Disneyland, to performing magic, to being a stand up comic, to writing novels, to writing plays, to writing screenplays, to acting in movies.

    I'm talking, of course, about the extremely talented, Steve Martin.

    Yes that's right. The star of the movie "The Jerk", which he originally wrote as well. And the hilarious father in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies.

    Recently he wrote a book about his life, that is less of an autobiography, and more of a timeline marking the points in his life that he deemed important to his success. The book is a joy to read, and gave me hope that one day, maybe I can accomplish some of what he has done. I would highly recommend that every magician and entertainer pick it up and read it.

    It is called "Born Standing Up" by: Steve Martin

    Check it out, I'm sure that all you guys will love it as much as I did.
    Dylan P.
  2. I read that a great while ago. Fascinating book.
  3. I got it for Christmas one year and it is a very inspiring story and a very good read. Please pick this one up if you can guys, I highly recommend it as well!

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