A revolutionary flourish...

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by filth0013, May 18, 2008.

  1. Are you joking?
  2. I was kind of thinking the same thing
  3. Wow That was amazing! How did u do that? Lol just joking, sry but thats not revolutionary.
  4. What the hell? This is just the beginning of starting a riffle shuffle.
  5. I hope you're joking.....

    ..because if you're not, then I feel really sorry for you.
  6. You should charge for a flourish this amazing.
  7. you guys dont like it? why do u think its a joke. :(
  8. filth, it is 25% of the all-known RIFFLE SHUFFLE.
    It is nothing new lol.
    This move is probably known for 50 years now.
  9. no its not, because the pinky is in biddle grip, but in a in-the-hands riffle shuffle its on the side.
  10. Pwnd!

    Just joking lol.
  11. dude, honestly i thought alot better of you, i would suggest you scrap this tut, and redeem your self... by the things you are saying about this "concept" really does seem like a joke.

    keep trying man, by the way your clip shift is awesome...
  12. I honestly think filth's joking.

    He's done so many stupid jokes like these.
  13. Oh well, you made a mistake. Lets all just forget about it.
  14. What? You guys don't like it??? I think it's amazing.

    It has inspired me to create a revolutionary flourish called Pacman. It looks like the beginning of a swing cut, but it isn't! My thumb is one centimeter farther!


    Seriously, this had better be a joke.

  15. the most original stuff on here.....naah...better luck next time
  16. Well I think the name you gave it is revolutionnary ....
  17. Wow! That was amazing!:rolleyes:
    Seriously, I think it's been around for as long as cards have been around. or maybe even books...:)
  18. i dont get why you guys think its a joke....its not that bad of a flourish.....

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