A revolutionary flourish...

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by filth0013, May 18, 2008.

  1. HAHAHA I would like to see you do a riffle force with that ultra madd revoulationary flourish. Man serioulsy the name is the only revoultioanry thing here. One handed Quad Helix Riffle. Can you please elaborate in why this is a QUAD and a HELIX Riffle.

  2. Wheres Fletcher on this one? :p
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    Wow even Dan and Dave posted. You better take this video down before it your rep will soon be the person that thought he created an amazing flourish.
  4. Dammit, the bucks said it themselves..

    Hey is filth joking?

    If he isnt check out, Riffle Shuffle a.k.a Two handed Quad Helix Riffle ;)
  5. could you guys stop insulting me????

    anyway, thanks for the kind words, dan and dave. i think i know you. arent you the ones that can do the swing cut pretty well?
  6. lol @ Palmer - I wouldn't touch this one ;) filth0013, I like the QUAD HELIX part of it but I think your riffle shuffle needs work.
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    WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!!?????!!

    [Moderator Note::please don't use giant font lettering, it's hard on the eyes and not necessary]
  8. :cool: let me know if you get it this time
  9. Lmao. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been closed yet.
  10. Guys i think this flourish is not revolutionary .... everyone in the forums is talking about it.
  11. really? OMG :O
  12. ok. so now we know he's kidding. jokes over.
  13. And I even took the time to read all 6 pages....just to see if he was indeed joking
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    omg i wasn't joking.
  15. Guys just stop posting .... see everyone is talking about it ..... ao he was rite it is revolutionary.
  16. oo i js got a idea from the heavens...maybe if u split the deck into 2 and do it on both sides maybe you will b able to shuffle deck deck...omg i am a genius
  17. I am not impressed at all. Come on.
  18. Hey man, did you know that dananddave was sarcastic? Just remove the video for your own good. Everyone likes to have a good reputation.

    But if it has many applications, will you prove it?
  19. No one is being sarcastic here man. ;)
  20. It does! If you can do it with the other hand at the same time, you can weave them together and...OMG! shuffle them! :eek::eek: </sarcasm>

    But seriously, its not revolutionary. It's half a riffle shuffle. :|

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