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    This post has been edited due to the amazing responses and assistance I have received here... you guys are awesome! Cheers...
  2. Ashley,
    There are tons of clubs in Ohio that I thought I had already told you about but you said you weren't willing to drive and meet up with any of us. I live 20 minutes south of you and we have a club of about 35 magicians (2 females) in Canton, OH. There is also an Akron Ring, Youngstown Ring, and Cleveland Ring. We also have the Fellowship of Christian Magicians here in Canton as well. So basically if you were to drive in any direction from where you are (which I thought was up around the Akron area) there are magic clubs that meet on a regular basis. We just had our banquet show on Saturday night and drew in over 220 people for an evening of close up magic, followed by a buffet dinner and then a 2 hour stage show headlined by Ken Groves.
  3. Ohio is one of the more active states when it comes to magic and for a very long time (prior to "the cinema" you might say) it was one of the "Capitols" of magic. In my home town of Springfield there is a now falling apart theater that was once the main booking house for Vaudeville acts. Backstage on one of the corridor walls you would find the signatures of Bess & Harry Houdini, Blackstone and numerous other greats of the magic world as well as people like the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields and so on. Columbus, Ohio was the home of Howard Thurston & Robert Nelson and remains so in death.

    If you cannot travel that's one thing, if you think folks should feel honored to meet you and thus, come to your door. . . sorry, but they will rarely do that for old farts that have the stink of history on them. . . not that I would know of such people. . .

    It's difficult, at best, to live in Ohio and not have access to other magicians. . .
  4. I live between Dayton and Cincinnati and know of an IBM ring and a SAM group in Cincy.
  5. Papercrane/ Penguin headquarters are in Columbus. And they have their weekly lectures every Sunday for free. Ohio is very active!
  6. I'm in Canton, I need to find this stuff!
  7. Enigma,
    Consider yourself invited as my guest to our next club meeting. Are you able to drive or would you need a parent to drive you? I can get you directions, times, etc. if you are interested. Let me know.
  8. I had no idea there were so many Ohio magicians on this forum. I'm a regular at the Paper Crane/Penguin lectures. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there. If not, there is always Magi-Fest
  9. Hey Rick, shoot me a PM. I'm going to school but don't drive, so getting a location and time would be sweet.
  10. wow really? I live 30 minutes from springfield and 45 from columbus. I go hang out at Papercrane, but there arent usually many people there. I didnt know Ohio was so active!
  11. There are way more of us up North around the Canton area...about 2 hours north of Columbus. Like I said, our IBM ring has about 35 members in it that meet regularly once a month.

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