About to start Bar Magic... advice?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robert//Livingston, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. It is good buzz, but then some owners may not like the idea of having cards stuck to their ceiling.

    I do 2nd his idea of taking Bar tending classes though, because if you can't get a gig as a bar magician, you can just be a bar tender and still bring in the cash as a back up plan.
  2. Some bar owners may be annoyed by the cards on the ceiling, but it really does work to generate a sort of legend about the place. There's a local place here that used to do that. The guy did card on ceiling the pointy way, instead of the sticky way. What he'd do is say that he'll do a magic trick if you give him a dollar. They'd stick the card and money to the ceiling every night, over and over. Then about once a week, they'd go through and harvest the bills, but leave the cards.
  3. What about Signed Bill to Lemon? :D

    So card to ceiling is amazing.. is one method better/easier on the ceiling than others?

    Thanks for all the responses thus far, you guys rock.
  4. Hey all!

    I loved this thread so much I decided to bump it up.

    I wrote this a year ago, and have learned SO much in that year.

    So through the past year, how many of you got into bar magic, and or walk around? What effects do you use, and how do YOU build rapport? There are so many amazing effects out there now-adays it's hard to just choose a few.

    Here's my current track list:
    (not in any order)

    Warning, Prohibition, Card to Ceiling, Bill to Lemon, Wayne Houchin's TnR with business card, Twilight Angels, and Card under glass/ACR.

    Those are the newer additions to my arsenal.
  5. Edited post.
  6. Did you ever get into the bar/restaurant scene?
  7. I did! I'm still making my way up the ranks, doing a lot of free stuff but getting myself out there. The bars around here are big party spots so it's hard to get behind a bar that's being slammed for drinks. But, I'm a server right now and I'm encouraged to do magic for my tables so it's kind of like a table hopping gig. Every once-and a while I get behind the bar when it's not to busy and entertain the customers.

    Florence Alabama just isn't the place for conventional bar magic.

    Also, Saborfang, why did you edit your post?
  8. Hey Rob, I've been doing walk around magic in bars for about 3 years now and one of the effects that always goes over great is cards across. I find any effects where the spectators feel involved by giving them roles in the tricks generally get better responses.
  9. Hey!

    Can I just ask where can I learn the bill to lemon, card under glass, and TnR?

    Thanks a lot and good luck :D
  10. Hey there!

    The TnR that I use is from Wayne Houchin, he released 100 copies of this on DVD and he shows it in his live lectures, so if you get a chance you should go see him.

    As for the Card Under Glass and *Signed* Bill to Lemon, they are both on Doc Eason's DVD's "Bar Magic". Card Under Glass is on Volume 1, and Bill to Lemon is on Vol. 3.
  11. Well, I've read through the entire thread and would like to add some thoughts.
    First of, try to avoid tricks that uses the bar itself. I don't know for what kind of bars you are performing for/in/on, but the bar itself is always wet/sticky/dirty/needs to be cleaned etc. So do magic in your hands, or spectator hands. If you perform for nice quiet bars, during the day, where you can actually set up a close-up pad, than please do.
    Secondly, do magic that is chest height. Depends on the hight of the bar and your own height, some tricks will not be seen at crotch level, so perform nice and up at chest level.
    If you cannot be heard, than perform highly visual effects that don't need patter, and use your body language and mime to inhance the effect.
    I was performing in really loud bars and clubs (think "White Sensation" kind of party's), and I would recommend you to get any type of "Ring Flight" effect (ring to keychain in your wallet), that one is quick, visual and doesn't need any patter. Also Asher Twist, really nice one, specially if you add a little visual at the end (aces first changes color on the back, than changes faces into kings). ACR is also good. De'Ring... etc. They are all quick and visual and need no patter.

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