Absolut Vodka Cards

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  1. Where can i buy. thanks
  2. Full Boat Dealer has got some on sale here
  3. Ah yes, those are the ones I'm talking about. Thanks manks123.
  4. lol never new there were absolute vodka decks hey were can I get some johnny walkers? :p lol
  5. They probably exist aswell hector...

    I have some Wild Turkey Decks.
  6. Johnnie Walkers.

    Absoluts were originally given out free in the 'Absolut Swag' a few years ago. Dan and Dave made them popular by saying they were their favourite practice deck and advertising them for $10 each in an exhibition on their site a while back. Gotta admit, for 'plastic coated' cards, they're exceptionally smooth.

    Enjoy Responsibly.

  7. every plastic deck i ever had could not fan well- or spread. they are good for cuts but i mean come on- why would you spent so much money for a plastic deck. if you collect cards then fine but normal bikes are way better then any plastic deck. but if you would like to wash your cards without destroying them then go ahead:D otherwise i see no reason buying a plastic deck that expensive.
  8. You should try the Bicycle Prestige decks...best plastic decks, ever. It's like a regular Bicycle deck that never loses that new-deck feel (although, sometimes it's a bit too slippery). Still, best plastic deck ever produced (to date).

    As for the deck in question: They look pretty neat, but I'm not sure I'd use it. Nice for collecting, though. :)
  9. How about the WILDFIRES anyone have those...

    Has anyone tried out the the Paulson WILDFIRES.. Dan&DAVE.. One of them RAVED how this is one of their favorite decks of cards.... I recently purchased 2 decks and I have to say that that are quite nice.. They have a unique feel to them unlike any other card i ahve ever had.. Its almost like when you hold them they have built in ridges on the edges that help you grip the cards better.. They fan extremely smooth and jsut are a wonderful card all around...

    I also jsut got a pack of Absoluts for the first time.. they are a really smoothe plastic coated card.. some1 told me they were made by the uspcc but I found that hard to believe but who knows.. I never seen a uspcc cards that didnt say uspcc.. anyways they fan smoothely and are a nice plastic coated card but if i had to choose b/t absoluts and wildfires it would be wildfires ALL day long.. It's not eVEN close!!

    I recently purchased those bikes prestige cards 2 decks red and blue.. First thing i noticed on the Ace of spades was MADE in CHINA!! Now they are great cards for poker night, but to actually do magic with and flourishes they are useless.. I own KEM cards as well and also recently got these cards called Fournier TRIBUS which are made in spain.. they are all 100% plastic playing cards but the KEMS and the fourniers actually feel like a paper card.. I guesss the bikes do alil bit too.. anyways they r great for poekr night but as for magic I would never even try to use them...
  10. I got some Absoluts on ebay a few days ago for $7.50. Didn't realise people buy them for over 20 dollars a deck!
  11. They are worth $20 for sealed ones.
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    I have two decks of the "Cutty Sark Pin-Up" Playing cards.

    This deck http://cgi.ebay.com/CUTTY-SARK-WHIS...0?hash=item3a4e30e592&_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

    and this deck http://cgi.ebay.com/CUTTY-SARK-WHIS...0?hash=item3a4e3d77d6&_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

    Edited to add:

    Those are both still in their plastic. Also I have two decks of these


    Also in their plastic.

    ....and am I reading this correctly and he's selling these for $5.00 a CARD????!!!!!!

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