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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CaesarMagic, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone whats up? well Ive been thinking on selling my 1st edition Black Ghost deck a couple days ago Daniel Madison sold one and it was sold for 200 GBP thats about 400 USD ,I believe. So Im thinking on selling mines but Im not sure what do you guys think should I keep it or sell it??

    thank you very much for everyones help
    - Caesar Trujillo
  2. Keep it for a while.
  3. well I was really thinking on keeping it but it will be release next month and I tought that might lower the Value of the deck,
  4. If it is going to be released, it's value has already went down.
  5. I believe DM found a better door stop and therefore sold his
    When the 2nd ed come out, whos going to want to pay £200 for the 1st when the only difference is the godawful joker and the '2nd ed' on the box, the cards are still black ghost, who cares if they're 1st or 2nd, the buyer would be better buying 5 bricks of 2nds
  6. If I were you, I would sell it quickly... The 2nd Edition Black Ghosts come out next month.
  7. well Im not expecting on getting 200GBP for it
    but what do you meam with he found a better door stop?
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    He's just joking. He's saying that Madison has no use for the Black Ghosts and so he uses them as a door stop.

    If I were you, I'd sell them. The fact that people are willing to spend such ridiculous amounts of money for a deck amazes me (especially with the 2nd edition on its way), and if I were you, I'd take advantage of that.
  9. A collectable is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. There is no harm in trying to sell it. Go with a high minimum bid and work your way down from there.

  10. r3man, how can you say goddamn awful jokers, they look HOT!! lol seriously, i think they go really well with the deck, im not getting one but IMO, they look good... :D
  11. Has anybody compared the Black Ghost with the Shadow Masters? Surelly it's just a wet version, or at least that's how it looks
    The last thing cardists need is another black deck
  12. R3man, did you miss my last post, why do u think the joker looks awful? it looks great! i dont like the cards, dont get me wrong, i dont own a black deck and we dont need another one, but those jokers look awesome!! :D
  13. I never seen the jokers where could i see them?
  14. You can find a gallery of the 2nd ed at the index page if you go visit the E website~ (you might need to refresh a few times if what you see is the Ultra Gaff ads)
  15. I'd just rather not see some random mystical spiritual dude on a joker, it's way too corny and personal as it's an actual person, who the f is he? If he didn't have a face maybe i'd be a little more interested and welcomed to the deck, 1st thing my spectators will ask is Who's he? Your dad? Your mum?
    Shadow Masters... now there's a joker - and he actualy does look like my dad
    and my mum
  16. Listen, don't sell it. If you put the deck up now, you'll get about $100- 150, if that.
    If you wait and hold on to it after the whole crazed 2nd edition BGD, they'll continue to be rare again. Then later after that, they'll become more and more rare.

    Basically I'm saying by next year they'll be rare again, just not as much as $300.

    I remember Jerry Nuggets were selling for about $175 a long time ago. Then T11 came out with the brown wynn deck, which everyone thought were the same as the jerry nugget deck. The price for Jerry's dropped down for a little while. At like $125. Then when everyone bought one, they realized that they don't even compare to the Jerry Nugget Deck. Now I just saw about a week ago a Jerry Nugget Deck sold for $275. I predict that these prices will continue to go up, because of the amount of people who open their deck once they get one. And who could blame them? I have a deck and I'm itching to open it, same with the BGD.
  17. Jerry's still cost 200. Some sellers sell them cheaper. Black ghosts wont get rarer.
  18. Collectors are willing to shell out mucho moola for 1st editions, but the release may lower the value slightly. Check on ebay and make sure that nobody's panicking and selling, because if there's a lot of competition, the price is lowered. I suggest finding a good resource for ebay selling and use all the best tricks/hype. Presentation is everything! :D



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