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  1. Hello guys, yesterday I bought a new magic product called Alejandria.

    I'm a big fan of mentalism (although I specialize in Close-Up), then when i saw an ad on a facebook page, I gave it a try because of its low cost and what it promises to do.

    What I found left me more than surprised, so here is my review:

    Alejandria is an application for Android devices, designed to achieve a new level in the Book Test theme.

    I have studied some Book Tests, maybe my favourite its Anate by Dee Christopher, and i love his Book Test present in his Live Act, but with Alejandria, I have found freedom and ease without equal.

    Alejandria it is not an effect in itself, but rather a huge accessory for the mentalist, if you have a presentation made, you can use it with it.

    Something I liked about Alejandria, is its level of customization, you can use 9 books of your choice at the same time, or you can use 2, or 3, its your choice, the books can be in any language, you can decide whether to control it wirelessly or locally, you can use an assistant, or you can perform it alone.

    It also includes support for Smartwatch (personally I do not like the idea of looking for something on my watch).

    Their level of customer response is excellent (I even suggested an addition and they promised to work on it and put it in the next update).

    At first I was a little scared, since you download the application, send a code specific for your device (antipiracy) from it via email and they send you the data to make the corresponding payment, I thought it could be a scam, but I thought, the Play Store would not allow it, So I made my payment and prayed, if something went wrong I would lose a little less than 20 dollars. Shortly after verified, they sent me my password and everything was perfect.

    This usually happens when the seller is someone without a reputation in the magic community, but also sometimes new emerging stars come out that launch quality products, and I think Francesco will be one of them.

    I think Greg Rostami, was at some point in the place of this new creator, and see the fame he currently has.

    I'm not very magic with smartphones (I have Inject, Telephoto and DFB, and I use them occasionally to get out of trouble in my table hopping gigs), but Alejandria will undoubtedly go straight to my mentalism show for private parties (where I use the Spirit Bell in the style of Dee Christopher, the 100th mono, my metal bending routine, among other things).

    I plan to do a Book Test routine, where 3 spectators go on stage and each one chooses between 9 books, the public chooses the pages, and telepathically guess each of the elections.

    My verdict: If you like the Book Test, you will not regret this purchase. You can add it to your current routine or you can modify the presentation due to the enormous freedom and control that Alejandria gives.

    If you are new to the subject and intend to do the Book Test, when you see how it works you will have a huge number of different ideas to make a solid routine. Due to the ease of this product, you just have to focus on a good presentation.

    My Rating:

    Ease of use: 5/5
    Flexibility of use: 5/5
    DYING: Not required
    Operation: 5/5
    Total Rating: 4/5

    Pros: -Easy
    -No skill needed
    -No forcing required
    -No gimmicked books

    Cons: -The only counter I have and for what I gave you one less point, is, perhaps unfairly or my personal perception, dependence on an electronic device.

    I know it is silly, any electronic can fail if it is not used properly or is not in good condition. In addition, most modern magicians use electronic devices: The Spider Pen, the Tarantula, the Spirit Bell, the Electric Touch, Inject (sometimes I am afraid that the system or the phone signal will fall and fail), among many others.

    In the end I am very happy with my purchase, and I know I will take advantage of this.

    I hope you liked my review, if I start to have success reviewing, I will create my youtube channel, lol. Regards.
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