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Andthensome Review


Deleted member 2755

Its near the top, but not on top. I wanna get True Astonishments, Card Control by Arthur Bukcley, and a few other things. I also have a bunch of stuff to work on still as it is. Sometime soon though. This DVD is going to be great. However, I'm not buying it from the hype.

Nov 15, 2007
Ada Oklahoma
Behold, The Quadrilogy!

I don't even own the trilogy, but I own all of their pdf's... I wonder how much the whole set will cost.

Its near the top, but not on top. I wanna get True Astonishments, Card Control by Arthur Bukcley, and a few other things. I also have a bunch of stuff to work on still as it is. Sometime soon though. This DVD is going to be great. However, I'm not buying it from the hype.


I'm not going to lie, I am.


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Sep 2, 2007
Seems really good, nice review. Quick question, what would you rate the difficulty of the DVD? It really doesnt matter cause I plan on getting it regardless(I'm not a beginner, just curious).
May 3, 2008
If you have the Trilogy, I would think that most of the items are about the same diffculty which requires moderately high skill.
Jan 28, 2009
This is a good DVD. My orange signed version arrived 2 days ago. Unfortunately the trilogy which I ordered at about the same time is somewhere in the US postal service's priority mail system. (bleagh)

This isn't a stand alone DVD, so you can't really call it a quadrology. To make the most of this you'll need the Trilogy, and more over will need to have mastered a fair amount of the content on the Trilogy, or located the tricks or similar necessary slights elsewhere in books.

This is very much an addition to the Trilogy, with some new tricks thrown in for good measure. As a result I've watched a lot of the performances, but being 1) a n00b to cards and 2) not very good, I didn't even try some of the material because it's just a bit beyond me (and it refers to stuff in the trilogy, which I'm hoping will appear in my mail box at some time in the next couple of days.) Fortunately it also refers to tricks and techniques that I've read elsewhere in books, thus I wasn't completely stuffed. I knew this was an addition to the Trilogy, I was just anticipating my Trilogy arriving somewhat sooner than it has. -Shakes fist at FPS-

The GOAT change is pretty knacky, but it's not anywhere near as impossible as it has a reputation for being. I was attempting it half seriously trying to explain the knackyness to my long suffering fiance and did it by mistake. I fooled myself, and Her reaction was gold. Don't get me wrong it's not something you'll be able to do 100% of the time initially (I'm at about 10% of the time at the moment) but it's no more knacky than something like the drop change or the duck change when you start trying it. (Thus some of you talented people will be doing it in about 2 minutes.)

I wouldn't make the GOAT change your reason to get this DVD however. There is a lot of pure gold on here. The teaching is extremely good and clear and the quality is great. It's a lot to practice though. Portal is an awesome little effect. It's a bit of a shennanigans of a trick, and there's some awesome double lifting involved. It's harrrrrd though, lol, but it's worth it. There's also a great production in there that combined with the trick makes it just look slick as heck. I've enjoyed practicing this one enormously. (I still suck, lol)

I suck at flourishing, but there are some ridiculously good flourishes in there too.

I enjoyed watching the Bucks perform the tricks, and I've enjoyed completely destroying a deck of cards practicing some of the stuff over the past 2 days.

If you have the trilogy, get this, lol. If you don't have the Trilogy, wait until you do have the Trilogy and then get this. I can't wait to put the 2 together and start working through them both properly, but first impresions was this is a great, well done magic DVD with some great combinations of effects that are just awesome to practice and fun to perform.

My hands hurt though, lol.

Dec 5, 2007
Im getting a bit confused about the goat change, some people say its like OMFG NO WAY IMPOSSIBLE hard, and some says its just a little knacky. So what is it? lol
Jan 10, 2009
it IS NOT hard, it isn't easy, but anyone could do it, maybe the centre double is a little hard, but this really isnt if you can snap your fingers.. -____-
Sep 20, 2008
im pretty sure people said the same thing with the clipshift.

You dont see them complaining about angles now do ya? Just complaining about the difficulty.

it isnt possible. if the bucks can do it, so can you. Just takes a lot of practice.


Jul 2, 2008
I was just wondering if this is a good stand alone dvd w/o the other trilogy discs as i do not own the trilogy and can i learn everything in the dvd with just the andthensome dvd or do they refer to parts of the other trilogy dvds during teaching? i was considering getting avenue by dorian rhodell instead of andthensome since i dont have the other trilogy discs any comments? if andthensome doesnt require the other trilogy discs to be fully utilized im definately getting it over avenue. Also any other sleights which i require to know before hand for tricks in this dvd? Cause i don't wanna get it and realise i cant do half the stuff in there. thanks in advance :)
Jan 28, 2009
You need the Trilogy to make the most of this DVD. It's an extra disc to the Trilogy and so they don't re-explain stuff that has already been explained on the Trilogy. Thus things like the center double etc aren't re-explained. I'd recommend the trilogy anyways. It's a great DVD set to own and well worth the money. AndThenSome on its own isn't going to help too much. (You'll pick up some stuff but miss an awful lot.) The tricks are largely stand alone so you can look at those, but a lot of them refer to slights that unless you've learnt somewhere else you'll need the Trilogy.

The Goat change is absolutely 100% angle insensitive. You could have someone literally standing over your shoulder, or be completely surrounded and there is no possible way you can flash the change if you do it correctly.

It takes -lots- or practice, but it is not impossible. IMO its no more knacky than a drop change or a duck change.

It's not worth buying AndThenSome just for this change however. (I mean it's a change, it's not like the Clipshift which has multiple applications as a pass, etc etc etc.) It is worth buying this for everything else that's on it, with the Goat Change as an added bonus, and for that you'll need the Trilogy.
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