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    This may seem strange to post a review of Andthensome, as it's been out quite a while, but I thought it deserved a better review than most people give it. So here we go...

    Now there have been a lot of complaints about this DVD, but I actually found it to be one of my favorite DVDs of all time.


    The DVD is split into four sections...

    * Tricks
    * Flourishes
    * Everythingelse
    * Andthensome

    I'll go over each in the order they appear.


    Portal: This is a fast, flashy effect where a card transposes from one hand to the other.
    Thoughts: I like this. It's very direct as you see the card vanish and pop out in the other half of the deck. It's great for a quickie. I prefer Card Across (taught in the Trilogy), but I can see myself using this eventually.
    Difficulty: This is tough, but not too hard. It needs to be performed smoothly and without flaw for it's full potential, which will take a bit of work.

    Osh Negash B'gosh: This is great. All it really is is another transposition with two selected cards, but it's more drawn out, making it better in some situations then say Tivo 2.0 (also can be found in the Trilogy).
    Thoughts: This is very flashy, so it will fit certain people and not others. It requires a table also.
    Difficulty: This will take a while to smooth out and make it look the way it should. All in all, the sleights required aren't too hard, but putting it all together and making it smooth will take some practice.

    Encore: This is really the only thing I did not like on the DVD. It's a very direct version of Doctor Daley's last trick, and is basically a transposition of the four aces. The good thing is it happens in the specs hands and yours.
    Thoughts: As said before, I didn't like this. There are quite a few opportunities to flash, or get caught. Even when performed well.
    Difficulty: The sleights required aren't very difficult at all. But the choreography will be tough.

    Hedberg All Over: This is pretty cool, and I could see myself using it. It's a transposition between the top and bottom card. Each time it transposes (four times in total) it gets more and more impossible. The last tanspo happens in the specs hand. Very cool.
    Thoughts: I like this. Not completely impromptu, but still very nice.
    Difficulty: This is not too hard if you know certain sleights, such as the Cardini change (or Ego will do just fine) and bottom palm (or clipshift).


    Flic: This is a cool card boomerang card that is extremely easy. Very fun too.
    Thoughts: Super easy and very fun. This looks crazy to a spectator too, as the card just pops into the air and spins fast.
    Difficulty: The Buck twins even say on the DVD that you will get it the first time. Nough said.

    Flirt: A cool flourish that is extremely fast. Looks a lot like a snake tongue actually.
    Thoughts: Awesome. So cool looking and original too.
    Difficulty: The mechanics are super easy, but to do it very fast...that's gonna take a bit of practice.

    Molecule 4 Hollywood: This is another variation on the beautiful flourish Molecule 4 (taught on the Trilogy).
    Thoughts: This is actually my favorite variation of this flourish. Very beautiful, and it's full of motion, not choppy at all. Amazing.
    Difficulty: Not too bad at all. If you already know Molecule 4 False then this should be somewhat easy.


    G.O.A.T. Change: This is an extremely visual color change done in the center of the deck. The card sticks out of the center of the deck diagonally. You snap your fingers and it instantly changes with no cover. This can be done completely surrounded, and is angle proof for all practical purposes.
    Thoughts: Love this change. Love it. Very practical if you can get it right.
    Difficulty: This is very tough. To get this down well will take a long time. But I'm pretty sure it's well worth it. I've been working on it for two months and a half, and I still am not close to performing it.

    Shepherd Change: This is similar to the G.O.A.T. Change, except you spin it, and it changes. Similar in looks to the DB Spin Change, but still different. I prefer this more though.
    Thoughts: I like this one a lot. It's definitely a little angle sensitive, but it's very cool looking.
    Difficulty: Pretty easy. It will take practice but it's nothing too hard. Way easier than G.O.A.T.

    Orbit: This is a unique double lift that allows the double to spin off the top of the deck, and be caught in the other hand. The double stays aligned.
    Thoughts: This is fun. It's tough to get every time, and even the Buck twins give a warning about it, saying that it will split sometimes.
    Difficulty: Not too bad, but will take some practice. Goes very well the the Jones Change.

    Ginastaire Double: A flashy double that spins on the knuckle of you thumb.
    Thoughts: I love this double. Very hard to get right though. Looks very unique and beautiful when done correctly though.
    Difficulty: This is pretty tough, and will require a lot of practice to get it right.

    Spinning Top: A double that spins on top of the deck.
    Thoughts: There are a lot of doubles on this DVD, but this is by far the easiest and safest of them all. Very beautiful too. It works on the table also.
    Difficulty: It'll take practice as with anything, but it's not insane or anything.

    Jones Change Variation: This is a variation of the Jones Change that allows you to show your hand empty with just one card after the change.
    Thoughts: This is cool, but you won't be able to use it every time. Only when the situation is right. The good thing is your hands never touch.
    Difficulty: This is pretty easy. But it will take a bit of work, as it's just a nack. Clothing may help or hinder also.

    Smoother: A technique used to smooth the edges of a deck of cards.
    Thoughts: I like this and use it on every new Bike deck I open. It works well.
    Difficulty: None.

    Manfred Shuffle: An in the hands false riffle shuffle that does not require you to cut the deck, and it can be performed as many times as desired without messing with the order of the deck.
    Thoughts: Haven't messed with this much at all, but it seems pretty cool. By far the best false in the hands false riffle shuffle I've ever seen.
    Difficulty: Not sure as I haven't messed with it to much, but it seems like it's going to be tough. Timing needs to be spot on also, but that comes with practice.

    Simpler Switch: A switch that happens in flight.
    Thoughts: A top change is better, but this switch can be done under circumstances that the top change can't be done under. Love this switch, but it's all about timing.
    Difficulty: The moves themselves are easy, but the timing is hard. And this switch is all about timing.

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    Two Handed Pirouette: A cool variation on the classic Pirouette flourish we all know and love. Very fun and cool

    dr. 90210: An addition to the Spin Doctor Double taught in Tivo 2.0 in the Trilogy. Pretty neat but nothing to go crazy over.

    Spinning Table Top: The Spinning Top double further explained on the table.

    Hover Spring & Autocatch: A cool effect where you place two cards (Aces, Court Cards, ect.) on the table, then spring the deck over it (in a unique way) and the selection is seen sandwiched between the two cards.

    Aerial Doubles // Tips: Dan gives a tip on the Aerial doubles taught on the DVD.

    Blind Bluff // Tip: Dan gives a tip on Joshua Jay's Bluff shift. This variation controls the card to the top, not second. It's pretty cool and fun to practice, but there are far better controls out there.

    Erdnase Go Rounder: Dave teaches some cool ways of using the Erdnase Go Round flourish, taught in the Trilogy.

    Back Flic: Dave teaches a way to use Flic around your back and catch it again.

    Jones Change Variation // Tip: Dan gives a tip on the Jones Change Variation.

    Starry Eyed: A cool four card production. Flashy and fast, the four cards form a star, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

    Subway Renovation // Tip: Dan teaches a renovation on Subway, which makes the effect much stronger.

    Queens Alteration // Tip: A different first vanish for the Queens. I don't like it as much, but it's still pretty clever. This variation was created by Chris Kenner.

    Click Change Variation: A very cool variation on the Click Change. The card changes in mid air. Very beautiful change.

    DD Square: A pretty way to do an all around square up on the table. Nothing crazy, but it'll add to your performance depending on your style.

    Double Pirouette: A method for performing the classic Pirouette flourish with two cards.....perfectly aligned. Very cool idea, but hard. About the same as Ginastaire.

    The Teaching is great, and nothing is really left out. It's enough to teach the effects thoroughly, and yet not too much, so it gives you the opportunity to really figure out the effects ins and outs. In the long run, you will know these sleights/effects much better than if the Bucks had handed it over to you on a silver platter. Well worth it.

    Well, that's it for the review. Over all a very well worth it DVD, but I recommend you have the Trilogy first, as a lot from it is built up on it in this DVD. This material is definitely for a specific type of card performer, but everyone will learn something from it. The G.O.A.T. Change really makes a lot of the DVD worth it in my opinion. But I think it's a great buy for any card workers out there. A lot of things to learn, and even if you don't use any of it. As long as you learned some of the material, you'll realize it greatly helps your card handling and timing.

  3. Ive heard many good things about andthensome... i wounder if they will make another big project soon like this or the trilogy
  4. I hope so. That would be really awesome.
  5. hey nice review but did u include garry A's flourish?
  6. Say what? Could you clarify please?
  7. Didn't he win the andthensome contest where they would include his flourish on the DVD?
  8. I wouldn't know anything about this. But I don't think there are any flourishes by Gary A. Could someone tell me if it is on it?

  9. +yourstuff is Garry's flourish

    It's not on the oranged-box version though
  10. have a look in the bonus material. I believe the andthensome winner's flourish is there.
  11. I have the orange version, so that must be why.


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