Apollo Robbins VCR Change

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  1. Has anyone played with this change yet?

    The biggest flaw is the angles to accomplish this color change. Has anyone found a good way to add more cover to it? I would see no reason to use this in a performance because its so easy to reveal whats going on if you are not careful.

    I would really only use this for my own enjoyment since I am birdseye view of the change.
  2. watch it one more time

    if you have worked in an environment such as a bar or rest. then you know about people management and control of the crowd...i hope. but it does take time to get that down. in the video you have to learn to look for ideas in the fine print such as when he explains to do it for the camera with a buddy in the over the shoulder view. that would give you a way to do it for a spec. this is a slight or change that needs to be done with 1-2 people max. not a crowd because then there is a 90% chance of flash. as all good seasoned magicians know, choose the right trick for the right occasion.
  3. Im thinking if you did it for 1 spec would be best and do super close up to give them a top view. I think making them stand behind you over your shoulder is kinda funny to do, but could no doubt be done.
  4. Well, if you're seated right next to someone, you can just tilt your body and show them like that. They don't necessarily have to be right behind you.

    But yes...I do practice it just for my self pleasure. It looks so uber kawaii!!!


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