Are there different Theory 11 promotions/contests in addition to the Holiday Wheel?

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  1. I found out about Theory 11 in mid-January, after the conclusion of the Holiday Wheel promotion. Are there similar events sporadically throughout the year or is it only the one in December?

  2. Over the past couple years the only main one is the Winter Holiday Wheel. However, there are the weekly Saturday Night Contests with free cards or magic up for grabs (sometimes zero skill is required so all can enter). Other than that there is the occasional special offer (things not released to the public, early access to upcoming releases, etc) for elite members.
  3. Holiday Wheel is the big one for everyone.

    There's usually a Black Friday promo (spend X, get hard to find stuff added to your order).

    Elite members get first crack at new releases (usually something once per month).

    And the Saturday night contests.

    I'm a rookie at cardistry and magic and I have managed to win 5 contests.
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