Art of Astonishment?

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  1. what kind of tricks does paul have in there?
  2. The incredible kind.
  3. Very good ones.

    Buy it now.
  4. Pstt i think you were ment to say the Astonishing kind.

    The Astonishing Kind!
  5. If you're wondering what category it is (cards, coins, etc.) it's all of it... and then some.
  6. All tricks are great.
    and the card tricks are just astonishment but its alot of trick theire u need to write on the cards, so for me the card trick wasnt that good because i dont have enough money to buy new decks all the time.
  7. You can find the trick contents here: It goes in a list, ABC order, just look for Art Of Astonishment. Every trick is listed and its description.

    The set is a must for any close up performer, the rest is a suprise.

    You wont regret you bought it,


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