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    I was poking around the gift shop at the Los Angeles International Airport looking for those elusive Tally-Hos when I came across something that looked like a cigarette pack. Curious, I looked closer... and saw that they were Aviators. Never having used cards besides Bikes and E custom decks before, I bought six (three red, three blue) and cracked one open to take a look.

    Box: Like I said, it looks like a cigarette pack at first glance, and people think I smoke when I carry this around. (I don't, by the way.) But it's interesting - a plane flying across the top with "AVIATOR" in big letters across the face. The box is the same on both sides - you don't get a peek at the design of the card backs on the back of the box. Looks kinda trippy in the TG Deck Flip. 8/10

    Card Back Design: Kinda repetitive... just a bunch of circles. 7/10

    Ace of Spades: VERY simple AoS, not much to look at. Just a big spade in a lined box that says "AVIATOR". 3/5

    Jokers: The jokers have no design whatsoever- just the word "AVIATOR" on their faces. 2/5

    Card Faces / Court Cards: Exact same thing as Bikes... except for a small difference that will be covered later. Read on for the "surprise." 9/10

    Stock: ...I don't know if this is because I've been handling E custom decks for so long, but these things... are... THIN. I only have the Aviators with me right now (so no comparison for the time being), but they are so thin that I keep thinking I'm missing cards. They are also VERY STIFF. I love the stock! 10/10

    Fanning/Finish: They clump right out of the box, but fan MUCH better after about 2 days and keep on producing perfect fans, even though I've dropped them on the dirty school floor multiple times. Oh yeah, the "surprise" - the tiny divots that are on Bikes are NOT on Aviators. These cards are COMPLETELY SMOOTH, and yet they fan incredibly well. The reason why the faces look different is because the cards have no visible dots on them even up close. 10/10

    Flourishing: They actually hold together pretty well. Not like Wynns, certainly, but better than the Bikes that I am used to. They also spring and LePaul like bricks out of the box because of their stiffness. 8/10

    Magic/Performance: Very nice. They've taken a beating at the hands of spectators in "pick a card" tricks, and like I said, they still fan and spread extremely well. Plus they're cheap, and I can buy them in bulk. 10/10

    TOTAL: 67 / 80 = 84%

    Final Thoughts: These have replaced Bikes as my everyday performance cards. They'rs thin, very durable, wonderfully simple and highly recommended. I have yet to pick up a deck of Tallys, though, so... that might change soon. For flourishing, though... back to the Wynns.
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    What's the surprise?
  3. read it properly
  4. First off I must say that i have used Aviators for a long time, very good cards for their price. "They clump right out of the box, but fan MUCH better after about 2 days" - I never had this problem they always fan perfectly for me. I just received two dozen bikes as a gift so I will be using them for a while but Aviators a VERY good.
  5. i know alot of the local magi's here love aviators for manipulation
  6. This is really interesting to me. When I was a kid first doing magic shows (nearly 20 years ago now), the only decks you could find were Bikes, diamond backed Bees and Aviators. I used Avies a lot back then and still do occasionally. For cheap off the shelf cards (not specialty decks like are so popular now), they really are quite good. The initial clumping that goes away after a while is exactly what I experience with Wynns as well (my favorites). Weird.

    Anyway, it's just really cool for me to see people 'discovering' Aviators. I'm not trying to sound superior or anything like that (by saying I used them years ago). It just never occurred to me that everyone didn't know about them. Good to see people using them. Thanks for the review.

  7. Do you have to buy these at an airport or can I get them at Rite Aid pharmacy or a CVS. I really want these. My teacher has them but I never have tried them. where can I buy them?

    PM me please. I might not check this thread again so PMing me would be easier.
  8. I see them at discount places all the time. I believe the last two places were a CVS and a Target (might have been a Rite Aid for the pharmacy). But yes, if you look around, chances are you'll find a drugstore/grocery/discount store that has them.

    If you order online, they're also available (along with about every other kind of card imaginable) from kardwell.com (I buy all my non-specialty cards from them).

    Good luck searching,

    Edit: If you end up ordering from kardwell, you may also want to check out the Aarcos. Several of my friends swear by them. I've tried them and I do like them, just not as much as my red or blue wynns. But they're also good cheap cards that last forever.
  9. Aviators are like coffee. Some love 'em, some hate 'em.
  10. I got my first pack just last week and must say they are quite good for the price. I really like the grip on the side as they make DLs very clean. I don't like the finish that much. They're really slippery, which some seem to like... I do however like the backs. You say it's just a bunch of circles, I say it's plain and no one will be suspect of it.
  11. yea i'm not the biggest fan on how the cards look but i was very suprised when i was playing around with these at my friends house i amazed on how much i liked them. They are good cards. I think there cheaper then bikes to? correct me if i'm wrong.
  12. Great review.... All we had was Bicycles,Talley,Bee backs,and Aviators growing up.you'll find that with a pencil dot and a Little thinking those circles on the back of the Aviators are great for making a marked deck. Think "Clock"

    Great review.
  13. I personally disagree with this at some parts.
    - My cards seem to have no problem when it comes to staaying as seperate entitys, they dont easily clump at all. Before anyone says "Your completley wrong" or anything of that nature, my Aviators are printed in Cincinati, not Kentuckey so some may argue that they are of higher quality than the ones from kentuckey. Also, they containe the 'Jumbo Index' feature meaning they where printed on a different press (Because of Bicycles older printing tactics)
    -The jokers don't have "Nothing on it", they contain the text 'Aviator' in a slim font and has the Airplaine logo on it. Alont with hroizontal lines

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