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  1. Hey everyone! Long time no see!

    Now, ever since I took an interest in magic and magicians I have found readibg autobiographies about them fascinating. And from the time I learned about youtube I constantly have watched numerous performances of my favorite conjurers. And from the very start there has been a duo of magicians who bring humor, gore, blood, comedy, crudeness, showmanship, patter, and of course, amazing magic, altogether in amazing shows. I'm talking of course about the unorthodox pair of magicians by the names of Barry and Stuart.

    I absolutley love them, and have always been amused by their magic. However, tonight, upon my return from a glorious vacation in the Bahamas, I was greeted with this months issue of Genii Magazine. And in that magazine, within the article about Luis De Matos I saw a picture of the two of them standing with Luis. Seeing this got me thinking and prompted me to ask you these questions.

    Are their any biographies/ autobiographies about this duo?

    Where could I purchase these books?

    And do they still perform on television and live?

    Any help and/ or additional information you could offer me would be of great assistance. I thank you all for any help you can provide.

    Dylan P.
  2. They were apart of EMC with Luis. I love them as well! I dunno about any books or anything like that but I agree 100% with you, I love learning the paths of my favorites.

  3. Barry and Stuart are an interesting duo. I suggest googling their names and track down an email address that you might be able to reach them at. I know that one of the podcasts has done an interview with them, not sure if Dodd has done one, but I do know that Itricks has.

    Also I don't think they have anything published but from what I've heard about them, they basically apply what they love outside of magic to their magic performances. What I'd suggest is, watch their show Magick on Hulu, if it is still on there, and just study how the structure their magic performances.
  4. Thanks for telling me about these guys Dylan! I've been watching all of their videos I can find!
  5. Tjanks keo. So they still perform?

    Also ive been watching their videos a lot and sometimes it appears that the clip was like part of an actual stage show but other times it looks kind of like an onthe street tv show. Did they have multiple shows on tv?

    And are the shows in britian or england only? Or did they air in america too?
  6. They've done several tv specials over sees in the UK. I think Magick is their Tv series and am unsure if the show Dirty Tricks was just a one time deal or not. But they are currently doing a magic show called the Magicians. It is only airing in the BBC But I've watched a few episodes via torrent. It's worth the time to find the clips.
  7. I think there were about six episodes of Dirty Tricks. They also did a special called The Magic of the Bible, and one called The Magic of Jesus. These latter two were, as the names suggest, replicating miracles from the Bible using magic techniques. To be honest, I found The Magicians a bit disappointing, but it's probably worth tracking down for Barry and Stuart completists.

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