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  1. Yes, if you're worried about your cards- just use a normal Bicycle Deck... you don't have to use the same deck every performance. And I'll be watching my PM Box. :D
  2. Drew I sent you a pm

  3. Dude! I got all excited! I was like


    And then I was like

  4. this trick really is great
  5. Yeah... :confused:
  6. U Can Go To Ur Nearest Duane Reade/rite Aid/or Cvs, And Pic Up A Deck Of Bicycle Cards For Like $3.25, Depending Where U Live, Also Try Wal-mart Or K-mart.
  7. I know what you're trying to say, but in the future, could you please type in full-fledged English? Many people don't even have English as their first language, so when people type like that, I'm sure it makes it harder for them. Thanks, man.
  8. I like this trick. It's interesting.:eek:
  9. Wow, this thread keeps getting bumped and bumped. I like it. :cool:
  10. Angle zero

    To those of you who are familiar withe Daniel Madison's work: u will be able able to perform re-match,angle zero etc withput having to set anything up.That's right after performing believe u will be left with the necessary gimmicks to perform these effects. Hope i am not giving too much away.
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    heck no. I own this trick and agree 100% with the review. There are some parts that are hard to do and "knacky" but Ive been practicing for a month and can do them now. The change is... brilliant. Joel does it better than I could ever do, and even though I know how it is done, he could still fool me with it (not really, but Im trying to make a point). Great trick and I recommend it to everyone who doesn't already know how to do it. Everything in this review is pretty much what I would have said, so you just saved me from writing a whole review. Thanks.
  12. No problem, man- I'm glad you enjoyed it and agreed with everything.
  13. I just got this trick yesterday by Download and first of all, the video quality was really nice! so no complain about that.

    Now to the trick, I really liked the method! To be honest, it was one of those tricks that you figure out almost everything, you just need to know the change or whatever it is that's the main element of the trick. And I needed that "trick" which was the "change" ans I can say that it was really worth it.

    Thanks Joel for this trick! It's great!
  14. Are there any major content differences, that the dvd has but the download does not OR vice versa?
  15. From my experience, the only differences are usually Easter Eggs the DVD may contain that the Download may not.
  16. i just recently purchased the downloadable version, and would like to share some thoughts.

    along with the others, i feel that the teaching is great. the subtleties and finer points of the handle are gone over in great detail.

    beyond the trick itself, what I really enjoyed are the psychological challenges that JP questions. Questions that i personally feel that every magician (seasoned or new) should take the time to ask themselves; things like why you do what you do? which may come across as cheesy on my review, but trust me, JP's insights on the natural barriers people have against magic, and ways to manipulate/challenge alone made the 20 i spent more than worth it.

    beautiful trick. great content.
  17. I imagine people could remember the cards, and that'd cause you some issues. I can definitely think of a way to use this trick for some misdirection though :)
  18. Now that you said that, i HAVE to get this for xmas.
  19. Man great review and you convinced me to get it. It sounds awesome!!

  20. Thanks for the kind words!

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