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  1. Thank you adjones for the great review.

    Quick question-
    I take it that after the effect you're left with the specatator's card and one ripped ex card, that is the card before the change? So in other words, you lose 2 cards each performance?
  2. Yes, that you do.
  3. Yes, but with a Classic Force and a bit of setup, you can use two duplicates, and not leave with a complete deck.
  4. Why do people care that much about ripping cards when several paople are selling bricks of Tally-Ho's on Ebay for under $20. If you don't want to, or can't afford to rip cards, this tricks really not for you. I'm already onto my second deck with practicing - and I only got the trick last night.
  5. I've used at least two decks, probably more. I have a lot of spare decks that have had cards taken out of them and stuff, so I've been using those. I love this thing, and I can't wait to perform it!
  6. Still waiting for mine to arrive. But, ripping cards is no big deal.

    We rip them, burn them, sign them, fold them, put them in our mouths, bend them, ... No one seems to complain about someone signing a card for an ACR routine.. thats technically a lost card if you give it away.. If you don't give it away, its still a card no one else can pick..
  7. And that's exactly why I don't mind performing this.
  8. Oh, and just because I forgot, this effect totally gets this:

  9. Anyone care to let me know how the angles are on this?? Any particular areas I should be careful of?? ;)
  10. Nope, no angle restrictions at all. I'll have to add that to my review- something I forgot!
  11. Sweet...this will probably end up on my shelf soon.

  12. It's definitely the first effect that I've really poured my heart and soul into. I mean, I've taken time with effects before, but just to let you guys know... I still haven't performed this.

    Something about this effect made me really want to take my time with this one and give it all I have. So yeah, I've practiced like crazy, I've scripted the effect, got the script approved by Joel. all that jazz. Maybe, just maybe, I'm ready to perform it now.

    By the way, when I say script, I mean just getting a basic outline of what I'm going to say, leaving wriggle room for spectator-me interaction. So yeah, I taking this much time on it has really opened my eyes to what an effect can really become if you slow down and take a while to learn it.
  13. i have to agree. i thought for 20 bucks you definetly got your money's worth.
  14. Oh, most definitely. Well worth my money.
  15. Hey,

    I just recently got back into doing magic after a semester of no magic (due to so much work at uni!)... and I needed something new and this looks like one I would like to perform.. Might give it a try while the US dollar is still low ;)

    Thanks for the review!

  16. No problem- I'm sure you'll enjoy Believe!
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    Hey- Have you preformed it yet? How'd it go?

    Question- In difficulty, how would this compare to D&D's tricks like Deja Vu, Hoffzy Ouzbourne, and Collectors, etc? About the same? Easier? Harder, heaven forbid?

    I just had a thought- what if you used this in conjunction with JP's Fan Control? How'd that work/is it possible?
  18. this is one of the best impromtu effects ive ever learned every one should buy it
  19. Check your PM's. ;)
  20. Thank you very much for the review; it is excellently informative, though I will PM you with the one question I have.

    To some they are, and I do agree that this effect is worth their destruction, but please respect that some people who like to use Guardian or people like myself who have a deck of one-of-a-kind cards from the USPC. (literally, the only deck of it's kind with hand-drawn artwork) Though for this effect I think I will just use a different deck.

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