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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by erdnase92, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. What is about you the best deck for the execution of bottom deal ??
    I have tried to do it with standard bicycle but it is more difficult
  2. This move will be a little bit more invisible when done with Bee decks (with no white borders on the backs of the cards).
  3. Yep, Alexander has the right idea. Steamboats also work, no borders there either. Symmetrical cards with no border work best regarding hiding it. As for actually doing the bottom deal, I'm not sure. Since people recommend learning it with half a deck.. try Studs, I guess. They're the thinnest cards I know of so if using a full deck, I'd recommend using those first.
  4. The bottom deal is not awfully hard to do even with the S&M v4, to be honest. The two most important things in bottom deal are rhythm and making your bottom deal look exactly like your top deal. When the move is practiced and those two condition are in action, it's very deceptive and invisible. And also, when it's all been done plus the non-bordered cards are in use, bottom deal is completely invisible.
  5. I feel that Bees is a better deck to practise. The Bicycle Cards is not working out too well when I practise Second Deal and Bottom Deal.
  6. the correct term for the cards would be an "all over back design" borderless is different these are an example of borderless:

    whereas an all over back design has a simple design that covers the entire card. like Bee or steamboat.

    these may count. but they aren't "all over" palmettoplaying cards/nauset1964/BlueTexanIISmall.jpg
  7. Beez mutha****a
  8. any deck without the white border will do the trick.. agree with Alexander .. =D bee.. !!

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