Best false shuffle for stacked decks?

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  1. There is simply no *best* false shuffle, each one has his favorite to use, but saying *best* is, for me, is none-sense.

    Lennart Green has alot of work on this, was well as the sources mentioned above.

    My favorite is currently in Expert Card Technique, the one where Jean say it takes guts to do, I enjoy doing it alot. Truimph shuffle is very good too.

    For stand up, I don't practice any at the moment that retain the whole deck, I use G.W Hunter now as my friend gave me tips on it, however I'm fimilar with many others. For keeping cards at top, Hindu or overhand jog shuffle work just fine for me.

    Dom Kabala, where can I find Dan Garret's take on the G.W shuffle? Thanks.
  2. From "Techno Card Magic" by French magician Daniel Rhod. It is a basic book(let) that I found in a discontinued bin at Daytona Magic Shop in Daytona Beach, Fl. back in July '03. A basic book of card sleights that I found invaluable at the time. Dan's method first saw publication in French in issue #11 of Imagik magazine in April of 1996.
    Dom Kabala
  3. Thanks Dom :)
  4. Ben Earl's Grey shuffle from disc 2 of Past Midnight. INcredibly deceptive, but very easy to do. I think there's a trailer on youtube.
  5. You are saying that you watch the video on youtube of people exposeing magic... that is a insult to every magician in the world. you should think about that.
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    A list of good false shuffles are as follows. (no particular order)

    G.W. Hunter False Shuffle
    Eric Anderson / Guy Hollingsworth - In the Hands False Riffle Shuffle
    Herb Zarrow - Zarrow Shuffle
    Brian Tudor - Tudor Shuffle
    Push Through / Pull Through False Shuffle
    Lennart Green - False Hindu Shuffle

    There are multiple others that i just cant remember. i am pretty sure this is a dvd by magic makers and a dvd by allan ackerman on false shuffles.
  7. I don't think there is a "best" false shuffle, but I would recommend not to do something to fancy. Keep it simple, otherwise the spectators are going to begin to wonder if you are just messing with them using your superior card skills. For this reason, I'm only fancy when I can clearly show them I have nothing to hide as far as the deck goes.

  8. Zarrow Shuffle
  9. Any of Lennart Green's Shuffles are really effective. Not only do they make you look like you're a drunk person with cards (no seriously...), but the cuts look so chaotic that even YOU will swear that the deck is shuffled, so long as you know, by reflex, what to do! :p

    I'll second Cyrus' comments... But I have to say that sometimes, doing a fancy cut can add to the entertainment value... Esp. during ambitious card routines, where you start off with simple "Put the card in... Look it jumps to the Top..." and progress to "Let's give the deck a really good mix up this time...". Even with spectators following the trick, I've had comments like "Doing that flourish would've been enough to impress me" or "Look at the way the cards are just jumbling together"... It really does leave an imprint in their minds that the cards are being mixed up!


  10. I too learnt my first cut from Cardshark 88, and I too have watched tutorial videos on youtube for false cuts So I wouldnt really call learning a basic cut "insult to every magician in the world". Sure exposing magic is wrong, but my opinion is that learning basic flourishes off people who spend their time, teaching people the basics of this art is not an insult,.

    Besides, if it wasnt for Cardshark88, i wouldnt have discovered Ellusionist or this site, and i might not have picked up flourishing as a hobby in the first place.
  11. I don't really use false shuffles when handling a stacked deck, but when I'm feeling confident, I use DanandDave's Meca cut from the Trilogy. Beautiful, smooth, 4 packet cut that retains the entire deck order.
  12. What? You have no idea what you're talking about. Do you even know what a swivel cut is? I wouldn't consider it magic. And flourishing is different. Are you trying to sound cool to impress others?
  13. in my opinion Karl Hein's Heinstein Shuffle is the best. look it up. looks like a regular riffle shuffle
  14. He's saying he dies a little inside each time some(one/noob) goes on to youtube to look up magic. There are some tricks on youtube that would make you skin go green and start crawling across the floor (or something). They are that bad.
  15. Do A False Triple Cut, Like The One Taught In Ninja Vol 1 From Ellusionist
  16. Check out Lennart Green's false shuffling DVD and you will never need to look for more false shuffles.
  17. The Heinstein Shuffle does look very convincing.
  18. zarrow is easiest and very convincing. push through shuffles and up the ladder cuts are also very good.
  19. Sam the Bellhop by Bill Malone. It teaches a ton of great false shuffles and cuts including the zarrow shuffle
  20. Yeah tudor shuffle is good and then if you use a table a classic up the ladder is perfect you can find it luke jermay false shuffles from penguin magic..

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