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  1. For all the Card Flourish lovers out there here's a website you'll be interested in what has free tutorials also. Enjoy.

    Well What is WLD 2009?

    World’s Longest Dribble 2009 an event jointly organized by two teams, Virtuoso and Bone, and is brought to you by 4 world-renowned Card Flourishers; Huron Low, Kevin Ho, Daren Yeow, and Bone Ho.

    With an estimated 78,000 card artists attending from all over the globe, it is the largest online event ever held in the history of the art of playing card flourishes.

    Supported by 12 of the largest names in the magic and card flourishing industry, WLD ‘09 unites card artists from all over the globe to celebrate a hallmark of excellence in the art of playing card flourishes – Anaconda: The World’s Longest Dribble.

    WLD ‘09 started as a simple promise, made by Bone to the card flourishing community, to one day release his material to the world.

    The promise was made in 2003, when the Anaconda was first unveiled.

    Filmed with nothing more than a simple webcam, Bone simply named it “The 60cm Dribble”.

    It was only later when he realized that 60cm was a mere fraction of its potential, that he renamed it “Anaconda”.

    The Anaconda made waves around the globe, breaking the conventional mold of what was possible in the realm of card flourishing. It was a card flourish iconic like no other, at the same time impossible to reverse-engineer or execute.

    With the Anaconda alone, Bone established himself overnight as a modern legend of the art form.

    He had created an instant classic, a flourish so iconic, so elusive, so demanded for, that it had evolved to something he simply wasn’t ready for. He simply could not teach something he did not entirely understand himself.

    Bone left the card flourishing community in 2005, taking his material back with him to his hometown in Vietnam with a mission instead to spread the art to a new generation of card flourishers, and to further develop and refine the Anaconda.

    However, countless letters from fans around the globe finally convinced him to return to the community, and to personally share with the world a story that the present generation of card flourishers has only ever heard about.

    In WLD ‘09, that story will finally be told.

    A symbol to all card artists, the Anaconda is a trailblazer that signifies the limitless bounds of our art. It marked a pivotal point in the art all those years ago, and its fire burns even stronger today, years later.

    The Anaconda brings a message to all of us in the community, that the impossible is truly nothing, reflecting the level of perfection and progress we all strive for as artists.

    “Many people say that perfection does not exist. They simply have not witnessed the Anaconda.”

    Virtuoso and Bone have spent past few years have been spent refining and developing the technique for the Anaconda into a set of simple and subtle steps; the perfect nuances that finally make it possible.

    What might soon be in your hands is the result of countless resets and endless experimentation fine-tuned to something that is the definition of beautiful, simple, yet monstrous, beauty.

    Bone and The Virts have collaborated to put the final touches on a technique once mysteriously complex in its simplicity, stripping it of all complications to present to you a modern masterpiece easier to understand and execute than ever.

    This is Anaconda: The World’s Longest Dribble.
  2. There are a couple threads here already. Anybody whose ever looked at a deck of cards knows about this.
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    Thats soooo true. But it still helpful for the people who dont know...
  4. Thats True but if you do a search there's NO info for people interested in Card Flourishing, on here for newer people. Just as likes there's No info on certain effects on here that I would have thought there would have been. I myself am not really into Flourishes when performing magic, as Flourishes are not magical I'll will put up info on it for newer people. But as for Magic, iam no way as near helpfully.
  5. I've never once heard of it in my life, and I find it interesting.

    Thank you OP, definitely some awesome stuff.

  6. Im over this thing all ready. Its just massive hype and talk..

  7. No, not really.
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