Best Impromtu Coin Vanish?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jedijames, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Nothing is wrong with a coin vanish by itself. Just Pretend from JB Bobo's book is simply a vanish and reproduction. The way it is presented is what makes it a startly effect. Some of the best coin routines are simply vanishes.
  2. Should just be "2B gone", and "whither" vanish (with an "h").

    Slide was by Shoot Ogawa.

  3. Whither Vanish is always fun to do and since the effect is done more about face level you can watch their reactions which is alway hilarious.
  4. You know, it's funny. When I first saw the method for Revolution, I laughed and shook my head, figuring it was so clearly obvious, that any chump would be able to figure it out no matter how well it was performed. Meanwhile, I do it all the time at bars or in line somewhere, and it blows people away. Not one person has seen through what I feel is a thin trick.

    It goes over pretty well, and is clearly super easy to do...
  5. How about a retention vanish using a ramsey sublety to show the hand 'empty'.
    I love the ramsey subtlety.
  6. i know a good vanish with jay sankey called the messiah vanish where you put the coin in your fist and it dissappears instantly.
  7. I would reccomend the RAVEN or if you have the cash, the M5
  8. The raven is not Impromptu as it uses the Raven system itself. I have a good example, one of my favorite coin vanishes as of right now. If you do not have the Harada Hold, I suggest you get it. It is Imprompto and is by Daika Harada. The move is pretty advanced with it's angles and all, but is very powerful. I bought the Japanese version. In the Dvd or download, you learn the move, then you are taught many routines using the move itself. It's a beautiful vanish I highly recommend. ;)
  9. 3fry by Chris Kenner is really good too. Its in the 1-on-1 for those who don't know.
  10. hit the books

    If you're looking for vanishes/ slights/ routines I would highly recommend J.B.Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. It's 353 pages long and filled with great step by step instruction on everything from sleeving and cuffing to retention vanishes and even includes some routines to use what you've learned. The best part is that this wealth of information is only $9.95.
    Don't get bogged down though. There is a lot of informaion there so pick and choose what suits you best.
  11. coin vanish

    Theres one called X-OR out thats good put out by hocus-pocus check it out:D
  12. Link to X-OR? I have never heard of it before. I only basically use a lot of routines from Jean Bobo's Modern Coin Magic book, and I use the Harada hold a lot since a lot of routines can be manipulated with the move itself. :D
  13. Don't get XOR. It looks good, but you don't end really clean and it is a rip-off of Eric Jone's effect, imagination. (Which is also a grip used by daniel garcia called the OK production/vanish.)

    -Chicken HOHO!
  14. Sleeving sleeving sleeving sleeving...

    I use it in every coin routine I can... probably the most visual coin vanishing there is... at your finger tips one second gone the next. LOVE IT.


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