Best Reaction You've ever Gotten from a Trick?

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  1. I did a really simple card control and performed a rising card trick, and instead of just showing the spectator the top card right off the bat, I put the deck inside the tuck case (Come to think of it I used T11 Unions lol) and had the spectator "shake" the card to the top. She started freaking out, it was hilarious. Best reaction to date.
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  2. My favorite reaction happened midway through Torn and Restored Transposition.

    I had about seven to nine people involved and they were all huddled around the person holding the selected card. I had gotten to the point where you make the card your holding turn into the card they were holding.... some of the people were getting distracted from the trick so I called close attention to the cards. I guess that trick is to intense for some people because when that color change happened the girl holding the card freaked out and did things in this order:

    1. Had a second take at the card in my hand. (with big eyes)
    2. Screamed. (unfortunate only because we were in a really small room)
    3. Threw the torn pieces she was holding as far as she could. (not far)
    4. Tried to run through the people behind her to get away from me. (I don't remember her coming back)

    This epic reaction not only made my day but helped the people get involved again. Now I know that the reactions on some of those performance videos are way more sincere than I used to think.
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  3. I did a couple of strolling gigs at a casino here and I managed to get some great crowds so I managed to make a compilation video of some of the reactions I got. There are a couple of my all time favorites in this clip:
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  4. The best is different from my favorite reaction to a trick. It was my wife's uncle and he was absolutely astounded by the card on the ceiling trick. He would bring his co-workers and friends over to my house and ask me to do the trick. The funny thing is he never once showed any concern as to how a card the he signed, was placed in the middle of a deck, and then a rubber band wrapped around the deck, and finally the signed card was on the ceiling. Every time I did this for him he would then turn to his buddies and say...." tell me how that card is staying on the ceiling" lol. I got such a kick out of this. He was really interested in what made the card stick to the ceiling.

    He was later diagnosed with cancer and was really bad off and before they placed him in hospice I told him about the wax and where I kept it during the routine. We both laughed so dang hard! The magic of WAX!
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  5. inside a cafe in my city...the owner took a card...the card was putted inside the deck and the deck inside the customer choose a cup of coffee that was on the bar in front of a woman (she was drinking that coffee)...and the card was found inside her cup....when the woman took the card out of the cup...except the voices of the customers...the owner said to me with question mark in his face....."!!!!" It was a good reaction...
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  6. This is all good stuff...wish I had been able to see each and everyone of these performances!

    I do magic for kids and primarily my Grandkids. Recently, I had 3 of my six Grandkids together. They were 3, 5, and 7 all good buddies since they are cousins....I did a show and in it I performed the Hat Pins in the Balloon for one of my tricks. I first did it with one balloon and one hat pin, they of course all covered their ears, and magically they did not pop! I then blew up another balloon and ask the 7 year old, to come give it a try. She was more than welling and I of course told her to "poke it in very fast, stay in the center, and if you hesitate it will pop! When it popped, they all started giggling it was great! I then blew up the largest balloon I have and proceeded to put two very large 'magical' hat pins in it! I did this all very slowly and these hat pens are like 5" long... As I started the kids of course all covered their ears and got very quite.....then while now hold the balloon by the hat pins sticking out of the balloon (for safety). I again asked the 7 year old to try "this balloon" as it was obviously working very well. Of course she really thought she could do it....this time when it popped, confetti went every where...and I had the three of them really giggling....and that was my best reaction so lover balloons and the anticipating of being scared! Later all of the parents, my son's and daughter in laws wanted to know what I did with pin and balloons that the kids like so much.....and that was the 'topping on my cake'......gotta love Grandpa's with magic! Also, Grandkids make good audiences...
  7. I'm sure everyone in the world wishes they could have seen some of those "performances" .. lol
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  8. My best reaction I have ever gotten was when I was at a friends birthday party, there was about 12 or more people there sitting on different couches, so I decided to pull out my cards and do the "Three Queen Monte". I set up for the trick, had one of the gals there pick a card put it in "half of the deck" then I shuffled them, then I grabbed the "three queens", did the trick and pulled the card out. just like most tricks everyone was gasping in amazement except for the gal who pick the card look really hard at the card as she said that wasn't her card and for a good minute of looking at the card she finally moved back into the couch and gasped in amazement and embarrassment. Talk about delayed reactions lol.
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  9. Mine? Two parts.

    I was at my wife's (then fiance's) college apartment with her and her roommates. It was a bit windy outside, and one of the roommates came in and didn't completely shut the door. I was talking to a different roommate who was about to leave when I heard the wind pick up. I reacted quickly, and pretended to open the door "with magic" as the wind pushed the door open. As the roommate's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped, I simple said "let me get that for you" and smiled politely like I simply had opened the door by hand (from several feet away). Mind. Blown. Absolutely speechless. Talked about it for months.

    A few days later, the same roommate was there again. I was showing my then fiance how to throw playing cards. The roommate was in the kitchen across the main open living area from us, and was half watching what we were doing. I threw a card in the general direction of the roommate, pretty hard. It arched hard to the right, flew along parallel to the wall, lifted away from the wall just enough to clear the leading edge of a small whiteboard on the wall, and then jammed HARD into the far edge of said whiteboard, under the frame. It caused the whiteboard to rock back and forth violently, nearly falling off the wall, and making a very satisfying sound in the process. While the roommate was staring startled at the whiteboard and card, I regained my composure quickly and said something like "Just like that. You can kill a man with one of these if you can aim like me." It is not often that I freak someone out so bad that they don't think I am a normal human being, but this was clearly one of those occasions. It was SO HARD to hold a straight face.

    Both instances? Complete accidents. I just happened to have the composure and swagger to pull off a trick when the opportunity presented itself. Those reactions were better than most normal magic I have ever performed, simply because they seemed absolutely impossible. I won't likely ever be able to repeat either, but I was ready when they happened.

    // L

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