Bicycle Raiders?

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  1. 50$$$$ DANGGG lol I would never use them... or even touch em.
  2. my heart stopped when i saw the joker. O_O

    edit : Kontents, its $50 for 12, not for one. :p
  3. That is 50$ for 12 deck not one. You do know that right?

  4. Is it just me or does the jokers look like they just did an Erdanse change to reveal the four of hearts.
  5. Looks like it.

  6. C'mon a 10 years old kid with, paint software could have made those.
    As ugly as E decks.
  7. Go here to buy from the guys who made the deck. Cheaper price and discounts:

    But I think AceKing has cheaper shipping. Not too sure. Go check yourself :)

    I've heard these decks are ok. Stock is like the new 'standard' Bikes at stores, and the finish is ok. I suppose they're ok for flourishing, but for magic... meh. It's a BLACK deck again.
  8. I challenge you to make a deck of that design on MSPaint.

  9. My computer says it has Malware.


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  10. They look,


    Worst deck of cards I have ever seen.
  11. Meh, not too nice. I like the back design and that's it. And even that is not very good.
  12. Way to stick it to the man.

  13. Gross... Seriously. So many people out there are trying to make their own decks of cards without having a CLUE how to make them look decent. They all take some dark, slimy, or otherwise terrible back design and make cards that no self respecting person would use.


  14. These cards are strange. :mad:
  15. Who needs 12 decks of these?....

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