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  1. does the marking system mark you deck for good and you can tell what any card is or is it temp. do you draw them on
  2. It is completely permanent. You don't have to worry about anything coming off and you can tell what ANY card is just by looking at the back of it.. I highly recommend buying it. Once you get a deck marked you have many possibilities.
  3. I second that. I've toyed with several marking systems in the past and this one is by far my favorite. If you're looking into getting a marking system, definitely give this one a try.
  4. Reading this now just reminded me that i have a $30 dollar marked deck I forgot about. I just check the deck i use for knocking around and low and behold I been using the 30 dollar deck for sign card to wallet, torn and restore and now that I think about it there's one on the corner store's ceiling. I usually replace missing cards from my "replace missing card deck".
    out of 52 factory marked cards 11 are missing now. I just now realized this.
    I'm sold on this Blood marking system. "MY NAME IS NATE AND I APPROVE THIS ADVERTISEMENT"
  5. yeah when I bought the blood marking system I was VERY excited about getting it.. but then when I got it, I was like "Why didn't I think of that?!?!" Great buy!!!
  6. its that good?........In a ribbon spread can you still see whats whats?
  7. not necessarily, but that depends on the ribbon spread i suppose. (don't want to expose)
  8. I understand. you know it shouldn't matter now that i think about it. After the ribbon spread the spectator slides it out of the spread anyway. thanks.
  9. A deffinit good buy. I use my deck all the time!

  10. It depends on what cards and what marking system you are using. If you are using the correct marking system on regular bikes, then you should be able to tell which cards are what in a spread.

    I can spread the cards and know what card the spectator is taking out as it is leaving the deck.

  11. LOVE D+M's Blood Marking system. It's truly amazing. Use it all the time, very efficient, easy to learn, and no-one will ever see a thing.

  12. They will if you do the Riffle Test :p But that's pretty much the same for any other marked deck.

    It is a very deceptive marking system though, I use my deck all the time, not necessarily with marked deck effects but I'm not worried about losing cards or anything like that because I know I can just make a new one :D

    - Sean
  13. The TH9 that I use everyday are blood marked =)

    I really love it, when I ribbon spread them, I can tell which card is which..

    My favorite Card trick is the copycat one is AMAZING when I read it I was OMG is that possible xD lol
  14. This is an excellent marking system. I showed to a couple guys at our last IBM meeting and it didn't "fool them" but they were impressed with the self marked system. It gets two thumbs up from me.
  15. Kind of off-topic, but kinda not - what are some effects you can use with a marked deck? The obvious it for someone to pick a card and you reveal what it is, but besides that? Does it just eliminate a lot of sleights from other card tricks, or what can you do with one?
  16. How good is it...By that I mean how hard would it be for a regular person to find the marks?

    And how long/how difficult does it take to mark the deck?

  17. I gave two cards to my mum to test that the other week. She couldn't see anything, and I told her they were marked. In saying that though, the system is vulnerable to the riffle test. If you don't draw attention to it, they won't be bothered. :) And even if they did quickly inspect for marks, as long as they don't use the riffle test, you should be ok.

    Regards to time of marking the deck... Took me about half an hour after I got into the flow of it. :) I mistakenly marked one, so I just went and got the same card from a different deck and marked it again. :D that's the nice thing about this system, if you lose a card you don't have to buy a whole new deck :)

    - Sean

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