Bound by Daniel Madison with a Wynn Deck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDENredden, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Took the words out of my mouth.

    - Sean
  2. Amen. And Jden, even though the editing wasn't that great (and I'm not saying mine is good either, cause mine is even worse), I've always liked Bound, good job.

  3. This thread serves as an example as to why I don't even think of making and submitting a single performance video to Theory11. Non-constructive criticism, or just plain out snubbing of less experienced magicians are hardly the basis for Theory11.

    What's ruining Theory11 is not new magicians, people who are described as 'suking' at everything, or 'n00bs', as some people may describe it. It's those who have spent some time in magic; it's those who have the illusion that they're so much more experienced than the people new to the scene and thus have the right to treat them like trash, when in reality the truly experienced magicians don't treat newcomers in that manner.

    It's not just whether you give advice for improvement or not. It's how you give it. I'm not asking for sugar-coating of words. Is some encouragement and help really that out of the way for some of you here?

    Certainly, I'm not a 'credible' person to listen to, as this community seems to rely particularly on credentials to judge the validity of a post, and so I don't expect my post to be responded to in any way other than in a negative manner.

    Regardless of how many years you spend in magic, your arrogance and lack of humility will reflect horribly on you, and paint you as a person who has little of worth to say and contribute to the art of magic.

  4. well said-
    i agree fully.
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    That isnt an excuse, because I havent published any video and I'm not an expert editing with vegas, but because of that I'm not going to use a lame FX on the vid, so it isnt an excuse, WATCH A LOT OF VIDS, by the pros, and see the titles and try to do your best effort..

    Watch it as if it is a vid from another person, and you'll find out that it SUCKS.. wrapping the card.. I mean when you put the box over the deck, try the visual version, because this ones sucks.. and play with the angles..

    I REPEAT YOU POSTED THE VID TO PROVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT WITH A WYNN DECK.. know we know that you can do it remove it for God's sake...
  6. I'm not like that.. but this vid make me do it.. dammit it sucks man admit it..
  7. It may suck, but how does being an elitist help anyone?

    JDEN, I've watched a few of your videos and I think the biggest problem is you're too eager to show things. I used to be like that, I even used to shoot terrible videos. But now that I've been into it for a good while now, I appreciate the practice time just as much as performing. You need to practice a bit more before you film, and when you do film make it flawless since they can be watched over and over. I could recreate your CnR after watching it once, and that isn't a good thing.

    As a side note unrelated to your methods, you're going a little crazy with the video FX. Remember man, the cleaner it looks, the nicer it is to watch!
  8. Are you saying a video made you lose control and do what you would normally not do?
  9. I think it is. If you really don't like it that much then just don't post.... Unless you have something nice, constructive criticisms is nice. Then post it. Because no one needs negativity and these types of actions are what noob down the forums like Angathorion was saying.

    We are here to help each other get better at what we do no put each other down. In the end thou treat others how you would like to be treated??

    How would you like to have made a video that you think is good post it, then all you get is, "sucks" "remove" "GO PRACTICE!!!!" might as well tell them to go jump off a cliff and land in hell.
  10. I'm with Aris.A.

    Wow. I laugh whenever I see "only post if you have something nice/useful to say". HAHA. See, now how would that help the person? Of course, we could all lie and say it was a good video. But that would hurt the person even more.

    Can you not suck it in, and admit it really wasn't good? Why should we only post if we ahve something 'nice' to say about the effect? That's not goign to help the person, just going to be them bias reviews of their trick.

    Being negative, (as harsh as this sounds) is the best way to improve something. If somebody puts you down in a very bad way, it's going to make you realize one thing- you suck and need to improve. I'm not saying that Jay sucks, jsut an example.

    Quit with the video editing. Don't be so eager to perform for a camera>practice.
  11. Like I already said, it's not about sugarcoating your words. But it's also not about lacing it with venom and malice to put down the other person's dignity. Tell them it wasn't quite good enough, and that there's a lot of room for improvement, not demonstrate your "superiority" by spamming 'suck' like there's no tomorrow.

    Yes, I didn't like his video editing. I thought it wasn't good at all, and that a lot of improvement could be made. But I didn't attack his video the way some of you did, because I know I'm not above him.

    And neither are most, if not all of you.
  12. Can't you read?? In my post I say that constructive criticism is nice. I never said to be just nice that wouldn't get us anywhere.. Duh i know that. And if you think that the only way to improve is be provided with harsh comments and just plain mean words then you must have had an awful childhood. If you guys keep talking this this T11 will end up being filled with nothing but airheads and a** holes. Clean up your act. I's not hard to get your same message across but be nice about it.
  13. But being harsh makes the performer wonder if he was really nuts to post the vid... in this case, no offenses, but you were at the time you uploaded the vid.. did you watch it again before you uploaded it?
  14. First off i didn't post any video....

    Secondly have you lost it? when has being harsh ever turn out positive. It only brings down self esteem and puts doubt in. I think i speak for everyone when i say that no one wants to be called "sucky" and what not. SO if this is the only way you can comment then don't comment at all.
  15. I really don't see how saying "the performance sucked, the editing sucked, the version sucked etc." is any worse than saying "perform better edit better and do a different version". What if absolutely nothing was good in the video? How are they supposed to compliment him. Refraining from commenting is the absolute worst idea because the guy won't have any clue if it's good or bad.
  16. I never said to just make nice comments. Did you even read my whole post?
    Instead of saying you suck blaha blaha blah. You can say

    "I can see that this needs some more work on it. And don't put so much video FX into your video isn't really necessary :D You'll get it eventually"

    Now doesn't that sound much more appealing than "this sucks, you suck, go practice cause u suck, REMOVE!!!"

    And i said not to make harsh comments not to comment period. Please read the whole post before posting.
  17. I certainly hope that you are all aware of how the placement and choice of words can change everything. As a writer, I'm quite clear on that point.

    It seems encouragement has never really been the strong point here.
  18. I don't think Theory11 is being ruined.
  19. It is partially being ruined by whining ranters like f1stzero who think their opinion matters on an internet forum. Magic is for the real world, not the internet.
  20. :rolleyes: Read my response in this other thread of yours.

    The video in that link's thread, I find more unprofessional. JDEN, read what I have to say. And like what the others here said, don't be too eager.

    It just means there's still room for improvement, maybe a lot of it in some cases. So, Good luck.

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