Branching out from cards to rubber bands. Help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by starthelegend, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. I have been a card addict from the Begining, I have decided to put the deck down for a bit, and pick up the rubber bands. Everyone says you need to go with crazy mans handcuffs, what book/DVD teaches this effect? I'm new to rubber band magic so I have no idea.
  2. Link by Nabil Murday just came back in stock, and has some great CMH material, among other tricks. Touch by Hanson Chein has some good variations.
  3. Hmm, Transit by Calen Morreli, Pixel by David Jade, Suspended by Calen Morreli, Stairway by Marcus Eddie, Jacob's Ladder by Daniel Garcia, all terrific rubberband routines. These are good because these can just be on your wrist at all times. And of course Touch by Hanson Chien.
  4. Transit, and Suspend cannot each need something else other than the rubber band.

    I would suggest looking into either Dan Harlan's or Joe Rindfleisch's material.
  5. Greg Moreland's Rubber band magic DVD packs more beginner style rubber band magic into a DVD set that you can imagine.
    I just rewatched it all again last night. There are tons of effects on it and he is great at teaching. There are a lot of live performances as well.

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