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  1. After viewing the trailer of the newly release theory11 trick, Spidey states that a spectator's coin can be used and the product description even states that no switches are apart of the trick; however, the package includes about 25 or so well-made coins to use. Why are props included to perform the trick when a spectator's coin can be used?
  2. BREAK comes with 25 handcrafted, self-contained gimmicks - real coins, specifically engineered to enable this effect. The coins can be examined before and after the routine, signed, and the spectator can even keep the pieces at the end.

    If you'd like to use the spectator's coins, Spidey teaches multiple ways to do that in the video - ranging from a switch (if you'd like, but not necessary for the effect) to some more devious means.

    But, that said - none of that is necessary for the core effect, in which the spectator can examine the coin, sign the coin, have their mind blown, then keep the pieces to remember the moment forever. Your hands are empty and clean the whole time, with nothing up your sleeve - empowering you to focus on your presentation and performance to rock their world!
  3. Hi Jonathan, it's mentioned that discounted coins will be available after much will they be and can you provide a link to the page to buy them as I can't find one.

  4. Happy to help! Refills are not yet available, but will be soon when the next shipment arrives. As soon as refills are made available, we'll email all current owners and enable that functionality in the My Account area. They'll be $29.95.
  5. What if a spectator tries to bend and break the coin? Is it that simple or is there a special "technique"?
  6. are the gimmicks pennies only? and if so, will there be any other denomination in the future?
  7. The spectator can examine (and sign!) the coin before and after the effect. Unless they hold it in one specific way, they'll find nothing and see nothing. At the end, after it's broken, they can keep all of the pieces forever!
  8. Ah okay. Brilliant. Thanks for the quick reply. Such a cool effect. Cannot wait to try it out.
  9. Thank you for your assistance Jonathan! It's much appreciated. Penny switches aren't necessarily the most difficult thing to perform, so I'm excited to hopefully be performing this trick soon.
  10. heh, I understand where you're coming from., but I can't think of a time I handed a coin to a spectator to look a the date or sign it, and they tried to bend it first. I would have so many jokes if someone tried that it would be hilarious.
  11. How many coins come in a refill?
  12. Indeed. The spectators would try to perform your trick if they didn't know what you were about to perform from the first place. Then again, there may be stray bystanders that attempt to bend the coin to test its authenticity and durability. Considering these coins are about $2 a piece, that's an expensive penny.
  13. Alright so let's say on the very rare event you had a spectator attempt to bend the gimmicked coin and (even more rarely) successfully bent/broke it.

    Then what? Would you panic? Of course'd hype it up and be something like "OMG! Look what you did!? You just bent it! WOW!" and you'd make them believe they just did something absolutely impossible.

    If they bend it, then you take it to the next step and break it. If they bend and break it, then you take a half and bend and break it. Then take an ungimmicked penny from your pocket and ask them to repeat it again and when they can't you tell them that's because you had secretly hypnotized them before and you haven't said the word that gives them super-human strength or etc...

    Point is, there are many different directions you can go with it if on the (again, rare) chance that happens.

    It wouldn't be the end of the world, the effect would still turn out well and they'd get a kick out of it either way.

    The unforeseen doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

    || Steven
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  14. I'm guessing that Break doesn't really have a secret, it is more of a technique to use the provided gimmicks.
  15. There's definitely a few secrets hidden up our sleeves. Remember, this is an effect we've been working on for several years with input from guys like Spidey and Dan White. There are multiple presentations from the physical feat of strength to the bending metal with your mind. Even a visual bend right in front of their eyes so there's a ton of value besides the coins themselves - which are masterfully and beautifully crafted to work the way they do. I hardly do magic but I've blown people away with this one.
  16. Took me a bit to think of the idea.

    It seems like you could have a spectator hold onto it and they can actually break it as long as you guide them correctly.

    In which case, I'd be interested in Break
  17. I can see this as being very possible but I have not yet handled the gimmicks that Theory11 is manufacturing. I as well as others have created a similar method but I am told that the Theory11 variety has cleaned up the method a ton. I have played with the idea of having someone else bend the coin as if you are infusing them with extra strength. My versions of the gaffed coin would not allow this but it has always been something that I have thought about doing.
  18. One thing that I have done is bent a coin and had the spectator hold up a finger to completely break it. I will be rad testing this with the Theory11 coins as well.
  19. I'm in the UK, and I've just received my package. I love this. One of the guys from T11 gave me an idea, through email, of how to incorporate this into an effect using other foreign coins, which I'm excited to utilise. However, do you think that it'd be released in any other currencies?
  20. He said at this time there are no plans to use this with any other currencies.

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