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  • dear andrei
    if there is gen Vol 3, please put the L cuts tutorial in it
    plus that move where u spin a card on the wall with ur thumb
    Hey Andrei, Just stopped by to say happy birthday. Hope you have a great one. Cheers
    Hey Andrei! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work! With a lot of practice I hope to be as good as you in cardistry.
    As a professional card flourish-er you had to have put many hours into it.
    i'm wondering how was your childhood, with school, with your friends or even with your love life.
    very interested on what is was like

    ALSO thank you for writing on my thread, to see advice from you is a cool feeling
    *Hello, Andrey! I want to express my gratitude for your efforts and work of the world's kardistri. Thank you for the video-based training. Do not forget about Russia, come if you can, there are many who want to see and talk with you, personally, I really want you well done, thank you!
    здравствуй, Андрей! хочу выразить свою благодарность за твои старания и труды в мире кардистри. Спасибо тебе за видео-обучения. Не забывай про Россию, приезжай, если сможешь, тут много желающих поговорить и увидеться с тобою, лично я очень хочу ты молодец, спасибо тебе!
    andrei i have a very curious question.....

    how did you become a member of theory11
    ( or how did you discover it )
    Thanks for the kind words Matt! I'm not really talented, just been doing this for a long long time hah. I started when I was about 12, now I'm almost 25. Craazy! Definitely took a long long time. I've dropped tens of thousands of cards in the process, and will probably drop a lot more in the future, just keep trying new things and keep exploring! :)
    Hi Andrei. love your cardistry. wish i can be as talented as you. have a question. how old were you when you started cardistry? what did you do to learn cardistry so fast and being such a pro. Hope you reply thanks.
    Thank you hamoda! Which one? I don't think there is such a thing as a "best" deck, you should practice with all sorts of decks and conditions in order to familiarize yourself with their differences. There are moves I can do with some deck conditions that I can't with others. New vs old. As far as which ones go, I personally love Monarchs and Artisans, can't beat 'em!
    andrei ..big fan of your work ...........question : which deck is the best for cardistry ???

    I've been moving rather at a slow pace through Genesis V1. I haven't reviewed the entire video because I'm trying to master one technique at a time.

    Question: On the Length-wise Triangle. In the demo, you do a closing move called Blink. What is actually happening to the cards? Are they flipping first before twisting onto the hand held pack? I don't think so, but it sure looks that way. This move happens so fast. I've looked at this part of the DVD many times, but I still can't figure what is actually happening. Can you please clarify?

    I've also peeked ahead at the one handed shuffle and the propulsion technique. I know I've got some work to do. I only look ahead when I get a prior move down, at least to 80-85% effectiveness. I know I still have to continue practicing moves I understand to get even better at them.

    Each move so far on the DVD has been more and more of a challenge. It takes some real effort to move forward with new techniques.

    Thanks Andrei
    Hello Andrei, any recent news on Magnetic Motions? You can release it and it be a nice christmas present for everyone! :D
    Hah! Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it, keep practicing like crazy, it will pay off! :)
    Andrei, thank you sooo much for Genesis! I'm now practicing like hell, into the night until I fall asleep and next morning waking up in the middle of cards spread across bed! Hardest drug ever!
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