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    First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated, it was a blast having a chance to check out all the videos. We had a ton of great submissions ranging from the impressive to the downright hilarious. I hope there was as much excitement for in it for you as it was for us to be a part of this collaboration with Warner Brothers. That said, here are the winners!

    1ST PLACE : Ryuji Chua


    Slick moves and a subtle storyline to keep us guessing and excited till the end. Everything a great video needs. Enjoy your 500 decks of cards and awesome trophy! Say hello to David Copperfield for us!

    2ND PLACE :


    Great use of location and dual cardistry. Awesome camera moves. Great work Abed!

    3RD PLACE :


    Slick moves and color changes. Congrats to Shin Lim, Hector Garcia and Jose Morales for an outstanding submission!

    That's it! Hope everyone had fun and learned something new. Keep rockin'! On that note, I'd like to finish with a lighthearted video that was another submission we had that I thought was hilarious.

  2. Congrats to all the winners! All were very fun to watch, especially Ryuji Chua! What a really cool and amazing video!

    But i also was reading the "official rules" and was wondering how second and third place (although very good videos!) qualified as they broke some of the rules such as time constraints?
  3. Congrats to Ryuji - amazing video and outstanding submissions by everyone!
  4. Agreed, they were awesome. Technically you are correct - they were not qualified for the grand prize as they were over 60 seconds. As an honorable mention, I admire their efforts and congratulate Ryuji on the win!

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