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  1. Does anybody have coins for sale orknow where i can cost effectively buy coins for magic. I use kennedy halves and walking liberty halves. I find it very obnocious that any bank would give you half dollars for fifty cents yet anywhere on the internet claims that they are worth 10 dollars or more. I comppletely understand that specific coins such as 1964 kennedies or the walking liberties are worth a little extra because they are old and rare but does anyone want to sell some coins for a few dollars a piece. I completely apologize if i soundnaive or if i am disrespecting anybody by cheapening coin magic but that is not my goal at ALL. I have more respect for coin magic than any other form simply because it is a display of pure practice, dexterity, and sleight of hand.
  2. On Ellusionist you can buy a Kennedy Half for $2.25 a piece.
  3. you just said that a bank gives you some 50 cent pieces for 50 cents... so buy them from there...
  4. Every bank i go tohas maybe one in stock if im lucky so its not reasonable tokeep driving to bank aferbank maybe finding one per month
  5. half dollars are just that. fifty cents. you can get them from any bank. the 1964 kennedys are worth more because theyre 90% silver. same with the walking liberties except they're older and presumably more rare. banks can and will (if they have them) "sell" you the fifty cent pieces, for, fifty cents.
  6. Try calling a coin shop in your area. Clad coins (nickel/copper ones) should be pretty cheap. Silver ones (up to 1964) will cost at least the melt value (the value of the silver the coins are minted in).

    Flea markets often have a coin dealer.
  7. Also ask for junk silver coins I've gotten better results with the junk word then anything at local coin shops

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