Cardistry And how has it affected your life

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  1. hey every body i was playing around with my cards today and i thought to my self how has cardistry affected my life for the better and i realized that even though ive been doing cardistry for two years it has help me alot it has made more confident and i now have better determination i am more patience i guess you get better at being more patience after picking up 52 cards every day HA! so it would be interesting to here how cardistry has changed or rather affected your guys/girls life for the better.
  2. As a magician I didn't want to be know as "The guy who does card tricks". But I find myself having a deck of cards at all times just so I can work on my cardistry or "flourishes" as I call them. And just so you know, I still do not do a lot of card tricks. When people see me working on a new flourish or just messing around and they say "let's see a trick" I will put my cards away and show them something without cards.

    I am kind of a loner and tend to use cardistry as a way of doing something other then what I should be doing. Wait! did my kid just hit that
  3. Magic definitely helps with confidence, cardistry has never given me confidence, but here is what it did.

    I really wanted to learn how to shoot/edit to make my videos look better. I remember getting a summer job when I was 15 and saving up for 3 months to buy an HDV camera. It payed off. With that camera, I eventually made The'Me and was contacted by theory11. Was great to finally discover what I loved doing.

    12+ crazy years later - I've made a ton of friends and visited many places around the world. Done many many things I otherwise would have never had a chance to do. It's a skill that opened many doors for me. I discovered what I love and what I should be doing. I hope it opens doors for you too. Picking up a deck of cards was probably the single best personal investment I've ever made.
  4. Well i've been doing it for about a year,and it's been pretty damn hard to get on my own :D.I'll be honest,cardistry is really frustrating,even though the outcome after the practice is awesome.Nobody likes dropping cards...Though the satisfaction of getting something right and thinking hmm,so i'm one of the 30 000 people who can do this is indescribable.Cardistry has really affected my life,in a financial way and well it has made me better.In what way i have no idea.One thing i enjoy is looking at a laymen while i'm doing a complex flourish.Their faces are like WAAAAAHTTT.Though there are downsides to it.Nonetheless cardistry is a beautiful artform which i hope is going to get more known or even broadcasted in the near future.I hope it lives on,i'll be following.
  5. Cardistry has been quite a ride for me. I've been thoroughly pulled in by the art form and it's really become a part of my daily life. I've left my house to go to school, realized that I'd forgotten my deck of cards and then turned around to go find one.

    Cardistry taught me how to focus, how to practice and create, how to deal with frustration, how to deal with failure AND success. The list goes on. You could learn most of these lessons from just about any art; it's about finding the art that resonates with you.

    Cardistry struck a chord with me for some reason and I've stuck with it ever since. I'm eagerly awaiting the day that I can confidently share my material with the community because I'm overdue to give BACK to the art form.

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