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  1. Hi im looking for some cardists in the UK at the moment i have a few bu they all live a long way away lol i live in cambridge so if anyone here lives in cambridge and wants to jam please say

    (this thread sounds weird i know XD)
  2. Actually, it's not. A lot of magicians/cardists who live near each other like to get together for a jam. I practically jam with my best friend like, every day...
  3. I know its such a pain a pain though coz i have spoken to alot of people in the uk but there all like 100 miles away :S i really wnna meet up with some because you can learn so much from someone else
  4. Heh, good point. Got any friends into card magic/cardistry? Or even just magic fans? You could teach them things and become "magic buddies", or whatever. I showed my friend a few magic tricks when I first started, and we pretty much went the whole way together from there.
  5. i wish non of my mates have the passion and the patience to do it i have tried on like 30 ecasions to get them into cards and the main answer i get is "F*** Off" yea so i think getting my freinds into cards is out the window
  6. Hi there!

    I luckily bumped into a massive legion of flourishers for the 2009 Dan and Dave lecture at Davenports, Where i met a lot of flourishers, and learned a lot of cool things. I noticed that during the day, i wasnt that bothered flourishing while walking or talking- cause they're doing the same thing, and i didnt feel rude, or felt like i was showing off. It was a good feeling.

    saying that, There has been a couple of meetups, and each time- it has been quite savage, and i daresay- well worth the money spent just to get to london. There are people that come from wales even just for the day to join the jam :)

    Anyways, You'll probably find more On about UK flourishers, most of the people i met are from there, and i usually just get notified if there's a jam somewhere in London.

    I live in essex, which is quite near London. :)



  7. Hey i life in cambridge for half a year if you would like to Meer just let me know
  8. I wish I knew someone who was even kinda interested in magic or cardistry. If I talk to my family about them they have no idea what I'm talking about. The only time I get to talk to other magicians and cardists is on the forums.

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