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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gs3K2, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Hey I am going to Vegas in the near future and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find cards (Wynns if available somewhere there) that you cant really get anywhere else.
  2. casinos, card shops and such.
  3. thanks and btw i was more wondering like what types wynns, bikes, studs, etc.
  4. jerrys goldens idk um saharas
  5. the Gamblers General Store its actually a really neat card place they have all different kinds of cards. The address is 800 South Main St.
    Las Vegas, NV 89101 its a little bit off the strip but its got all kinds of cards from majority of the casinos
  6. Thanks

    so i guess no wynns

    is theory 11 the only ones with them main stream now?
  7. Ebay

  8. I have a gem of a site that sells bulk Wynns* - the red and blue ones, at least.

    Scour the internet and find them, too.

    *=Prepared to fight to death to protect the company's name.
  9. Don't let the hype fool you, you can find red + blue wynns everywhere on the internet. They're not rare in the least.
  10. My House.
  11. Gamblers General
    Katie and Kenner's house
  12. Ain't that the truth.
  13. Sounds like an invite if i've ever heard one :p.

    Gs3K2 = Lucky S.O.B. :p

    If you're really looking for wynns, I do have a site.


    They should be around the bottom.

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