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  1. Hey everybody i just got cased in the mail today and i thought i should give you seem feed back on this trick. Peter has made an effect where 52 playing cards visually penetrate through the card case. This effect is an instant reset and can be done completely surrounded . Link is on the bottom of the page.

    Effect Rating: 10 out of 10. This effect is very good and well thought out . I am giving this effect 10 out of 10 because the angles are very good , its very visual.

    Teaching: The teaching of this effect is very nice . Peter goes through different handling's on this effect and its pretty easy to learn.

    Comment: This effect in my opinion is not really meant to put a whole routine with i feel that you can do this on an off beat to your audience or a very nice way to put away the playing cards if you have the right patter the effect is great. This effect is very visual and i think the audience would like it . If you handle this effect right it can be very very nice.

    Angles: completely surrounded

    Gimmick: Handmade gimmick , very nicely made and easy to hide.

    Very well thought peter .
  2. This effect doesnt make any sense... As an opener? "Let me take the cards from the box... look they have travelled. Lets take them out again..." Its silly. And not good enough to be a closer. I dont think its worth 25 bucks...!!
  3. aka : This trick is waaayyyy overpriced
  4. this trick is not really an effect that you should do as opener you can put away the cards in a cool way its like freedom pack in a way but freedom is alot more visual

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