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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I've been doing magic for just under a year now and just a few days ago I discovered that theory11 has this forum area (which is fantastic may I add) I just want to connect with other magicians and listen to people's ideas that may help me on my magical journey but also just to gain magician friends from all over the world, I love connecting with people, feel free to message me I'd love to hear people's thoughts, ideas and stories all based around magic...I'm finding it hard to connect with people on my other social media platforms and it makes me feel a little discouraged if anyone could please help me and interact with me on my other social media's that would be great and really help build my confidence and bring me out of my shy comfort bubble I live in haha. Thankyou to anyone who can help me, I really appreciate it ☺️ (Any other female magicians btw?)

    Instagram: Missmagic_photos
    Twitter: MMagicunknownxx
  2. Welcome to the forum!
    I think many of us can empathize with the struggle you expressed. You have taken an important step in reaching out here.

    Another recommendation is to join a local club. The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M) and International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) have local chapters/rings all over. There must be one close to you.
    You will be welcomed in a warm environment of other magicians; many of whom are real 'workers' and will be encouraged and nurtured because they all share your passion for magic and magic performance.
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  3. Thankyou I'm from the UK and it's hard to find a local magic club I've tried but they all seem to be near to London and that is so far from where I live about 400-500 miles from London I am from a small village/ town area and there isn't any magic clubs close to me which sucks which is why I hope the power of communication on here and other social media's can really help me

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