1. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need flourish idea!

    greetings everyone I'm making a short film for a project, and one concept I want to do is to have a reverse shot, basically reverse me dropping the cards and doing a flourish. The thing I want to do it in one take, meaning for the flourish I do after dropping the cards (picking them up...
  2. Arconik

    Remembering Flourishes

    What flourishes are there for beginners? I'm talking mostly cuts, I can do worm and dribbles and charlier cut (I spelt that so wrong ik) but when I learn longer flourishes it isn't clean, I am pausing too much. In a card trick the sleights ain't jammed pack together, you can wait for a good...
  3. Derek Humberson

    Back to Fundamentals

    So I have begun to officially make up my mind on some touchy subjects. Let's go back to the beginning. I was roughly 7 when I wanted to learn magic. Svengali deck etc was available at my local dollar store.... OK maybe not that far. Here I am 30 and proud father of 2. My daughter age 8 is...
  4. N

    video deck review - GOLD Gatorbacks by David Blaine

    Wow.. it's been 2.5 years since I've uploaded a deck review! Went through a big life change... having sold my house/car/etc, quit my job, and backpacking around Europe. Anyway... now I'm excited to back making YouTube videos! This deck review is for the GOLD Gatorbacks by David Blaine...
  5. Verocity

    Having trouble finding the right deck?

    everyone has different taste in cards... I started out using Bicycle Cards, now I use the Virtuoso SS16 deck... If your having trouble finding the right deck, or your just starting out in cardistry, go for Bicycle. Its cheap and not bad for flourishes. What Cards would you recommend?
  6. Verocity

    Post Tutorials Here!

    Post any cardistry video tutorial... Or make one yourself!
  7. S

    My First Card Flourish Video

    Here's the link to the video: Any form of feedback is welcomed. Thank you!!
  8. Derek Humberson

    Waterbend help

    Came across the tutorial by Joe Feldpausch the other day and have watched it several times. Got everything down until you allow the cards to cascade and I am not sure what I am doing wrong at that point. Is there slight pressure applied or a missed finger placement etc.. Im not a fan of the...
  9. MissMagic_photos

    Connecting with people

    Hey Everyone, I've been doing magic for just under a year now and just a few days ago I discovered that theory11 has this forum area (which is fantastic may I add) I just want to connect with other magicians and listen to people's ideas that may help me on my magical journey but also just to...
  10. Ben2__Ben2

    Honeycomb cardistry flourish

    See our tutorial for the Honeycomb flourish here:
  11. finnishcardist

    Beginner cardistry tutorials in YouTube

    Hello, My name is Ilmari Ponkala and in YouTube I go by name FinnishCardist. My YouTube channel is about teaching cardistry and flourishes to beginners and for those who are a bit more advanced as well. I upload videos when I can (almost daily) and if there is a move that you would like to...
  12. CJK

    Messy Flourish

    While practicing the Sybil Cut, halfway through the flourish, the cards fall out and spilling to the floor. Any tips for how to keep the cards intact without any spills?
  13. C

    Is it REALLY $395?

    Hey everyone, The Short Story: This price feels like it's a complete steal and I needed some opinions. Is it likely that the seller could raise the price after I lay a bid? I mean, if they're going this cheap (compared to other sellers) I'd like to get in there ASAP...
  14. J

    JJ Productions Presents First Amateur Video

    JJ productions presents our very first ever jam session! Showcasing the art of Cardistry and Magic by two card enthusiasts alike! Let us know what you think in the comments down below! Be sure to like, subscribe and support us!
  15. finnishcardist

    My new flourish // Cartwheel Cut

    Hello everyone, finnish cardist here. This is one of my first own flourishes and I hope you like it. I'm also new in this forum.
  16. CJK

    Cardistry: Where to Begin

    Everyone begins somewhere. Some in the middle of the park watches a man in a blazer flying cards everywhere in a cool crisp movement with smooth moment and you standing in awe saying, "Man, I want to learn that!" Or you can be the guy sitting in his room with a computer watching youtube videos...
  17. leumas1960

    Most difficult flourish

    What would you guys consider the most difficult flourish, at least for you? My picks are bowtie, bubblewrap, and complicatrix (my flourish)
  18. lolhammertime

    Riffle fan tips?

    Hello! I recently learned the riffle fan, and I'm hoping some of you could spare some tips? When I perform the riffle fan, it only fans halfway... Not a full circle fan unlike most others. Can anyone help me get it to a full circle? Thanks in advance!
  19. lolhammertime

    Is my original flourish good enough to publish?

    Hello guys (and girls probably) I'm planning to release an original flourish on The It's a sequence called "snake" that starts off in a triangle display, then a square display, then a werm-like display (note that it's much different from the werm), and an aerial in the end. I need some...
  20. lolhammertime

    Creating an artist account for minors?

    Hello! I was planning to release an original flourish, so I tried to sign up for an artist account. However there were some stuff that I had to fill in (marked with an asterisk), like stuff about checks and whatnot. I'm a minor and I don't have my own bank account, so I can't fill it up...
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