Is it REALLY $395?

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Is this a steal of a price?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    The Short Story: This price feels like it's a complete steal and I needed some opinions. Is it likely that the seller could raise the price after I lay a bid? I mean, if they're going this cheap (compared to other sellers) I'd like to get in there ASAP.

    The Long Story: I wasn't entierly sure as to where I should be posting this in the forums, but I figured this would be the best spot for it.

    For those of you who aren't familiar, The Virts are a group of individuals who have some of the best tutorials online on youtube and have grown in popularity to the point of selling their own instructional flourish videos. The Anaconda with Bone Ho was one of their first things to be published I believe.

    They've since then branched out into their own brand of cards known as the Spring/Summer collection. These cards are designed entierly around flourishing in terms of looks and feel. They have an offer where if you'd like, you can order a single deck (one per person) for FREE and try it out and see what it feels like. I did this and absolutely fell in love with them. But by the time I actually received the cards and realised just how much I loved them, they weren't for sale anymore...

    The Virts only print a set amount of cards and once they're sold out they're gone, never to be printed again. By next season a new deck is printed with a different colourscheme but with the same quality in paper.

    So all things considered, this seller is selling a brick of these where the price is cheaper than if you were to purchase each deck individually. Is it a con? Is it to good to be true? Should I go for it?
  2. If you want them, go for it, if it is a scam then you can open up a report with eBay and they will return your money.
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  3. 33$ per deck, 12 times.

    Before getting lured in compulsive shopping, i suggest you to double think it.
    Not that i'm aware of whatever reason why you'd like to own such amount of playing cards of that brand (and there are not many differences if not aestethics), but i advice to consider aside from risk and reward, the motivation and priorities of the purchase.

    Or you can get to like Tally's instead, (which they are better, in my opinion).
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  4. Listen to Huron's TED talk before you make a decision:

    The whole custom card market has gone off the rails in the past few years with cards getting more and more expensive.
    While it is your money and you can do whatever you'd like with it, I recommend thinking about what the purchase of those cards will mean.

    If you really like the cards and you want a ton of them and that's it: go for it. If you want to be a better cardist/magician: there are far better purchases. If you want to establish a particular image: depends. The virts have their image and it is ingrained in their cards. Do you want to establish the same? Or do you want to forge your own based on your unique skills and personality.

    Food for thought.
  5. Great video! Actually learned a lot form it!
  6. Thank you for sharing this!

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