My First Card Flourish Video

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by salam, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Here's the link to the video:

    Any form of feedback is welcomed. Thank you!!
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  2. Hi man first of all, it's always scary to put out a video like that so you get points for that:)

    And 2nd I am always hesitant in providing feedback one reason is because I am not an experienced videographer.
    And the other reason is that this is also partially personal opinion.

    With that said If I understand it right the blurry image is intended? Because I do not like that myself. I would just like to see properly what's going on. The problem is mostly with the memento mori's that look so fuzzy and bright it breaks down the quality I feel.
    And the other thing I can say about it is that there is a bit of hesitance in the performance here and there and maybe I'm spoiled from watching so many expert cardists lately but if I would personally upload a video I'd want to make sure that hesitance is not there anymore. And don't get me wrong I can't do do what you did for the most part because I still need to get into the packet flourishes. Again this is what I think. I hope this helps somewhat.
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  3. Thank you so much for the feedback man, i really appreciate it. What happened was that, i practiced card flourishes 8 years ago for about 6 month, i was 14 at the time, the i stopped. What is showed in the video is the result after practicing for a week, that is really all the flourish i can remember, hence the hesitance.

    I feel that its good to get feedback like yours, thank you again for taking your time to write the feedback :). I just need more practice.
  4. Ah that's cool then it wasn't bad at all :)
    And about the practice :D don't we all, that will never end haha.
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  5. I thought you did quite well. Some very nice cardistry, especially the changes, and you have good taste in custom playing cards. I wish that I could have handled cards as well when I was as young as you. Keep it up - You have a great future.
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  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, really means a lot to me!! :):):)
  7. Very nice card handling, always nice to see what level people are at when they feel they are comfortable enough with their skill to actually put a video out there. keep it up mate :)
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  8. Thank you so much, however, i do feel i could do better. Well, just practice and practice i guess. ;)
  9. @salam: "Thank you so much, however, i do feel i could do better."
    I suspect that any artist down through history who has aspired to become a master has felt the same.

    @salam: "Well, just practice and practice i guess."
    Absolutely. Whether it's music, dance, painting, acting, Marshall arts, juggling, writing, cardistry, or magic, it seems that's what it comes down to. There are no shortcuts.

    Still, you are certainly well on your way...
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  10. Just sharing you guys with a second one i've just made:
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  11. Looks great! Nothing to complain about. in fact i love watching these vids because i am terrible at cardistry haha
  12. I've practiced Cardistry for roughly 6 years now. My approach was quite different: I would make a video until I can make my moves look good. I only record videos to see my progress with the moves.
    That said, I do appreciate your effort. The 2nd video is better than the first one. However, I think you should practice a lot more and probably look for a style that you want to follow. By "style" I mean whether you want your flourishes to look fast (like Anthony Chanut for example), or smooth (Oliver Sogard) and so on. You may want to try them all before deciding. Also, while practicing, pay attention to even the smallest details of the move: the grip, hand movements,.. And don't rush to create new moves. Take your time to learn, pratice, and you will get to a point when you are efficient to come up with your original ones.
    Just my 2 cents.
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  13. Means a lot coming from you!! :):):) Thank you very much, will keep practicing .
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  14. Thank you very much for your insight,much appreciated, it is true, i have not yet have a style to follow, i just watch some tutorials and worked from there. 6 years is a lot of experience, thanks again, ill guess ill just keep practicing till i get the feel of what i want to do. :D
  15. Hey man, enjoyed the video so much!
    How long are you practicing for?
  16. Thanks, appreciate it!! the first video is after a month of practicing, the second one is after roughly 3 month.

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