Critique on My Site Requested

Dec 5, 2007
id very much appreciate if you gave me some of your honest critic on my new website.
im trying to create a new image of my self and im trying to stay true to that image. so give me what you got theory 11 community
Sep 3, 2007
I really liked it. It definitely was top notch compared to what I've seen done before by teenagers. I didn't spot any grammatical or spelling errors, and I'm good at catching 'em, so i'd say you did a pretty good job!
Apr 14, 2008
A pretty solid site. Pictures are good quality and it's nice to see a variety of pics. Performance videos and pictures will add to what is already a clean, well thought out site.
May 14, 2008
I think its a very good website and as MikeGoyke said, very professional.
Good stuff mate!
Feb 28, 2008
looks awesome... very neat, simple, organized, and professional looking. I wish I could make a site that looked like that.
Sep 1, 2007
looks awesome man, the only cons are the main photo, maybe do another move ;) and the one that you are doing a fan, didnt like it... the rest top notch
May 22, 2008
Concise, easy to navigate and very professional. Couple of minor grammatical/spelling errors. Home page, under "About Ryan Plunkett", the last sentence, "Visit the booking area of the website to request more information now. booking," I believe should read as follows if I'm not mistaken: "Visit the booking area of the website to request more information. Now booking." "Testamonials" should be Testimonials. On the Booking page, "Be sure to describe the type of event your planning and a number where Ryan can reach you," the word "your" should be either "you are" or "you're." Very minor issues in an otherwise excellent site. Great job!
Oct 6, 2007
Web Desgin: 9/10

Content: 6/10....:S

The content is the only thing that diodn't do it for me. SHow people that you aren't just an ordinary magician, give them something on your site that defines you- makes you stand out from eveyron else.

Also, the text CAN be hard to read for some.
Well I have only one suggestion. My first thought when I went to your page was wow he looks really unhappy with what hes doing. I would change the pic to a smiling pic it makes it seem your a hoot to be around. Second, I noticed you said you've been in magic since you were five and you provide various styles of magic to the DFW area. I have been performing in the DFW area proffessionally for about six years now and Ive never run into you. Thats interesting are you a member of the DMC or FWMC or TAOM. Or IBM or SAM locally? Just wondering well have to chat sometime.

Apr 5, 2008
not bad.

your site is not bad. infos are concise and pics in good quality.

although, if your looking to impress the viewers, I would suggest you make it more graphic intensive.

lets say adding a little motion graphics and sounds, since we do magic in the streets and on stage, why not do magic in our sites too? this is one thing that I have noticed lacking in magic sites.

don't really understand why we don't bother making the sites a bit more interesting than plain pics, videos and texts...
Mar 25, 2008
If you are planning to get booked to do real shows, and it seems like you are, then I think you are definetly on the right track.
My advice would be DON'T add any more flashy/moving things. A person seriously looking at your website has probably already met you or seen you perform and is looking for information presented neatly and simply.
I agree with Shane (for once), the first picture is not your best. Swap that one out. The photography seems good though. Did you take any of you with something other than cards? If you did, use one or two of them. I'm less likely to hire you to do kids work if all I see are cards.
You need a few candid shots of you performing, but you seem to have space for that in the media section.
In addition to a short performance reel, I would suggest that you shoot a video welcome in which you introduce yourself and sell your personality. Maybe one or two tricks or flourishes mixed in there for effect.

Really nice job. Presents you in a professional way. Better than 3/4 of the magicians websites out there. I'd be proud of it if I were you.
Looks pretty good, one thing that I see that can be changed is your testimonials. After their names put in brackets who they are. Because honestly who cares if "Christina Jarboe" likes what you did, people want to know what the relation is. If it's a newspaper editor, a client, etc. try to add it in :).

In the words of Borat: VERY NICE!!!

In all seriousness I loved the site. It looks very professional and the pictures on the site are great in quality. I think that you should try to get that media section up though. Also advertise the site on your buisness card.

Great work. If I wasn't a magician myself I'd probably hire you.

Dylan P.
I'm usually straight up when it comes to critiquing websites and most of them usually get a negative feedback, but yours I'm surprised is actually very well done, it seems there are people who put alot of effort and thought into websites.

I'd like to compliment you on that, and it's a great first step towards a professional outlook in magic.

The only thing I'd suggest is that you change some of your more serious pictures into ones in which you are smiling, this will make it a bit friendlier, especially the home page image, which is the first one visitors see.

Other than that, great job.
Sep 1, 2007
Nice site. Few content mistakes...

You spelled Testimonials wrong.
Check back in the future for photographs and video. Need to add an S on the end of video.
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