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  1. There has been a lot of new custom playing cards lately from ellusionist, theory 11, and dananddave. There is a trend of more playing cards and cardistry lately and not so much magic. I don't have a problem with that just an observation. Also I've noticed some older style playing cards getting remade and I was thinking if theory 11 could redo the Jerry's Nugget playing cards. I'm no sure if someone has the rights to that design or not, but it's my favorite design of playing cards because of the simplicity. I first saw them back on one of Lennert Green's green magic Vhs. I think that would be awesome if this could happen because I know everyone would by them, my especially me because I don't want to pay 250 dollars for a deck that i want to perform with.
  2. My only complaint is that a lot of custom decks are limited edition. T11 needs to make another Guardian-esque deck that becomes more mainstream so everyone can get their paws on 'em.
  3. The reason the JNs are so popular is
    1. They are no longer printed
    2. The finish was very good but had environmental issues
    3. They were printed 30 years ago.

    If T11 decided to reprint:
    1. They would no longer be rare,
    2. The finish wouldn't be the same and therefore not the same handling
  4. Man guardians are available all over ebay. They are as cheap as they ever were. And Guardians v2 are for sale here on theory 11 and have been for a while, they're a guardian-esque deck.
  5. Custom decks handle great and look sweet, but when it comes down to me doing my gigs and paid performances, a brand new deck of Bicycles is what "appears" normal to my spectators. I find myself using them more than anything else.
  6. Not exactly, the original template used to make the J-Nuggs I'm sure had been destroyed so regardless if theory11 made their own version the price for the regular Jerry's wouldn't be affected. They would just have to tinker with the box design so people don't try selling them as real Jerry's.
  7. Limited edition decks however are made more for collecting then actually using. No one is going to rip open their white cents just to practice with. At least i wouldn't i
  8. That was why I included You just reiterated my point.
  9. Sorry for going a bit off-topic here, but the way you worded your original statement made it sound like you thought the Guardians were not mainstream enough, and Theory11 should make a deck like the Guardians, but more mainstream.
  10. I have to agree with Rick on this one. When I bought a box of Bicycles I also bought a deck of Guardians. When I opened them the first thing my wife said was, what does this deck do then? She asumed that because they didn't look like a regular deck they must a gaffed deck.
  11. Which to me why would we make it blatantly obvious that the deck is gaffed because it looks weird BUT that is the mind of the laymen. I like Bikes and Tally's and Aladdin's (wish they still made them) MOST of all Aristocrats. Why? No one suspects a thing and they are normal plus Aristocrats fell great. I can handle any deck now and it be ok no matter what it looks like but when I first started people would suspect they were gaffed. I feel red/blue decks get less suspicion than any other deck.
  12. This is very true, while performing for an audience most of the time spectators are already suspicous enough as it is. No need to throw in any reason for them to prod more. Things such as exotic decks are a huge push on thinking they are gaffed. Don't get me wrong I love the designs that companies produce and I try to get my hands on as many as I can, performance wise they are not the best idea, for magic at least. Flourishing go all out, the better the look the better.
    On the topic of mainstream, I would also prefer to have a few decks that look more original that don't cost an arm and a leg. It's nice to have some nice looking cards to handle. But if theory11 were to pump out all of their cards like no ones buisness then there would be no drive for collecting and no value increase.
    I really don't think re-printing J's would be smart, it would really decrease the value that the originals have. They are worth a lot for a reason and to me it just doesn't seem right to remake them.

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