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  1. ok so here is the deal i love an effect Cyril did on his show in Japan a while back ... the one where he has a selected card lost in the deck, has the spectator blow a kiss at the deck and a hershey's kiss appears on the back of it... then he pushes the piece of chocolate out of the card and into the spectators cupped hands....

    i sent a message to Cyril to try and get some more information on the effect and he replied by saying that the effect was created by a magician named "Bob Borsia" and that he believes the original effect was called "Kissed"...

    so what i want to ask is... does anyone know of Bob Borsia and where i could get in contact with him or does anyone have a link to a website that has this original effect up for sale?

    for anyone that doesnt know what im talking about .. here is a link to Cyrils performance of this effect:
  2. Not every secret is spilled man.

    Thats what makes effects so great. i dont remember who was saying it. But some effects are best kept secret because those are the ones that really blow your mind.
  3. Cyril told me that the effect was up for sale a while back im just trying to track it down... the effect itself is not that hard to work out really ... im just trying to do the right thing and buy the effect from the original creator.
  4. Oh i see. Ok.

    Well unfortunatly i have never heard of bob.

    Sorry. I will do some searching and see wht i can find.

  5. ah that would be much appreciated .. any info i can get on the creator would be helpful thanx :)
  6. hey I liked more the first effect where the card bounced at the floor or at the girl's shoe I'm not sure xD
  7. I Know how to do it

  8. Yeh I like this trick a lot...Im actually not that big of a fan of Cyril tho
  9. This is an amazing yet very simple effect. Just watch the video a few times. I'm sure you can figure it out. But obviously there in lies the issue of "ethics"
  10. like i mentioned before .. the effect is simple enough that i can work out a way to do it my self .. but im trying to find the original effect from the creator and try to buy it rather than just rip it off completely.
  11. the trick is simple...if we can just expose effects here as in right now..i'll type it down complete with video tuts man..thats how i care for you..hehe :p..anyway i'd be happy to help in anyway way i can..
  12. again im not looking for anyone to expose the effect here .. im trying to look for the original product and maybe even the creator...

    perhaps one of the bigger names in magic that are roaming this site, with resources that i could only wish for ... could find some info on this effect or creator.
  13. I don't like Cyril personally, hes like a Japanese Chris Angel, just seems too fake, although this trick is quite nice :)
  14. i tried to find the creator of this trick... theres nothing on the internet at all bout this i dont think

    i would love to know too where i could purchase the trick

    at the moment, im using my own made up one, its ok but doesnt have as big of an effect
  15. Not really, Cyril uses more everyday stuff like cards and money. Cyril doesn't do too much flying, if you get my point.
  16. Yea but he pulls burgers out of signs lol, and put his arm through a fish tank or something like that, saw them videos a long time ago, i don't really remember :p
  17. In my opinion, their styles are totally different.
    c3rb3rus, google say nothing on "Bob Borsia", I yhink it will be hard to find him, but I wish you all the best in our searches.
  18. Seems too fake? As opposed to doing what exactly? Cyril and Criss' performance styles are nothing alike except in that they both appropriate conventions of the stage to close-up surroundings. But whereas Criss is a narcissist with an over-the-top presentation style and something of a fratboy/rocker persona, Cyril is more charming and engaging, and lends a certain class and elegance to what he performs.

    Anyway, Kissed is available at The Spook Club.

    Personally, I worked out my own handling, made my own gimmick, devised my own presentation, and I don't feel guilty in the slightest. We each have a mind and we shouldn't be faulted for using it.
  19. I guess i prefer sleight of hand to levitating, getting run over by a steam roller, and pulling burgers out of signs
  20. Only one of which Cyril has done. How much of his stuff have you seen? He does a lot of sleight of hand as well, and his handling of effects I know is so clean I can't catch him.

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