Dai Vernon or Tony Slydini?

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Dai Vernon or Tony Slydini?

  1. Dai Vernon

  2. Tony Slydini

  1. Which one and why?
  2. In my opinion, I like Tony Slydini more because he is more as an underground man who work for his dream, and he request nothing in return. Unlike Dai Vernon, I think he is a bit of show off, and attention grabber. Another thing I like about Slydini is that he is the master of timing. When you watch him do magic, his timing is so good that you can barely read his movement. Moreover, over the years, Slydini creates so many good performer over the world. They are all successful in his magic, too.. Last but not least, Slydini is the only one who can still fool Dai Vernon. In short, I will go for Slydini over Dai Vernon.
  3. which one what? which one do we "like better"?
  4. Sorry, I should have made it more clear. Really, anything. Better Magician, performer, person, whatever you think.
  5. I still do not understand what is all the dai vernon hype. He was great and old but that did not give him excellence over slydini.

    Because he was the earliest writers in GENII, he got hyped for that. I like him but I would say Dan White is a better magic performer.:rolleyes:

    Let's not stick backwards and focus on new magicians who are working day and night for our magic scene.
  6. Standing and looking at a young man on his soap box. This young man was talking about Dai Vernon and the supposed hype around him. He stated that Mr. Vernon got all of his hype from Genii magazine and that Dan White is a better performer.

    The listener thought to himself, sure he is old and gone but so is slydini both were excellent in the magic. Vernon added his influence and so did slydini, why compare apples to oranges when both fruits contribute a seed to make something much more then just fruit.

    The man standing and listening to the new guy on the block made a horrid face as he heard the man state something along the lines of forget the past and look at the new. It was clear now to the man listening to the young man on his soap box.

    Opening his mouth to say one statement, "Your an r-tard" and walked casually away to let the revolutionist do what he likes.
  7. Thank you hahaha :)

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