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  1. For those who haven't read 'The Latest News', then here it is.

  2. There's a link to another page in this article
  3. Yes, the period.
  4. Yes, obvious isn't it?

  5. I'm confused. I thought D&D would be releasing them on their new site. I guess it's both, though.
  6. It will most likely be both seeing as how Dan and Dave are Theory11 artists.

  7. I thought it would be released on the first. It seems that it won't since they said that there will be more information in the upcoming weeks.
  8. i can't wait, i wanna see how this deck turns out
    just by looking at the ace of spades, i think i'm gonna buy one, or two, or three....or a brick :rolleyes:
  9. Ill get mine at the Signing party in LA ;)
  10. They said the same thing with Dangerous, but the next week the trailers came out and then afterwards the product. The first is Tuesday, I bet if they don't come out this week it will be next.

  11. I may get 2 bricks, 1 of each, the Smoke deck, and the Mirrors deck. =P.

  12. From my sources, T11 will also be carrying them.
  13. Lucky dog.

  14. Wait what signing party?
  15. They said it would be released at the same time as the ClipShift.

    Doesnt look like it does it..
  16. THE signing party. Dan and Dave are going to have a party, where they sign decks.

    I suspect Fourth of July, as it's a friday, and it's all speeeeaacial(said in southern dialect)
  17. Lucky Americans...
  18. Sounds coo, but the article didn't reveal anything new. That Ace design has been around for months. And yes, I saw the secret page. Unless the guy is a Joker, we don't know anything else.

    Now that's not to say I don't want any. I've heard some... amazing things about these cards.

  19. As a general update, the decks are now on the production presses, and more images will be displayed in the coming weeks. As mentioned previously, the deck features a custom designed Ace of Spades, box, Joker, and of course - back design. This is a two deck series - Smoke & Mirrors. White and Black.

    The deck was designed by Si Scott and created by Dan and Dave in association with theory11. The deck will be available upon release exclusively at theory11, as well as Dan and Dave's personal website.

    Dan and Dave worked countless sleepless nights perfecting the design, and we spent endless hours making sure the production and quality of print is up to spec.
  20. So it wont be released with the ChipShift J?

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