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  1. It's taught on Zenneth Kok's The Zenneth Code DVD.
  2. It's nothing like sean's. Imagine a Very hot knife and some butter. You got that image, good. Now imagine that HOT knife just sinking right through that butter, that's how smooth and awesome it looks. WOW.

    I found you Calvin
  3. lol,lol

    Justin Miller
  4. all i have to say to that is-
    and justin,
    lol, lol, lol.
    hahaha But in all seriousness thats the past.
    Me and "That Miller dude" happen to be cool with each other.
    Thanks for bringing such an old topic up though...

    The one and only,
    Calvin Lauber
  5. Fabian!
    Dude whats up! Long time no see!
    I love how everyone reading our posts are like... "wtf?"
    haha, we'll catch up soon, cool seein ya!

    Calvin Lauber
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    Bruce Wayne, I believe that Justin had reccomended Calvin's stuff in the past. I never saw an age limit for selling lecture notes. Didn't the bucks have theirs out at 16? miller dude as you so put him, has a name. Please be a little respectful.
  7. I am 14.
    And thanks Jack, you saved the day.
    And to TKH, yes they were 16, I think they actually
    released a video of flourishes. It might have been lecture notes,
    I'm not sure.
    Either way, age isnt so much a problem, In my opinion, it all comes
    down to talent, experience, and your love for magic.
    And one more thing, like THK said, give Justin some respect.
    The guy is awesome, and I think qualifies to have his real name used.
    Bruce, I have no clue how old YOU are, but your the one acting like
    a kid. So please, start being respectful, and kind to EVERYONE. Thanks.

    Calvin Lauber
  8. The coin bend he is releasing is called Bent.
  9. You'd think Danny could come up with a better name for it... haha just kidding.

    Calvin Lauber
  10. I am postive using a plot of someone elses is not unethical. I ahev not heard about the thing abotu the second move of silver dream, but if so thats not the whole routine, its a move, not a routine being copied.

    Idea is spelled as so, there are no 3s in it.
  11. I saw something similar to what you speak in a demo (it was on ellusionist) done by an asian guy for their ghost deck. it was at the end of an ambicious, and he held the cards there (i think) with one card sticking out, and i could see that card sliding throughevery card above it to the top.
  12. Dang. Danny G is a beast.

    One of my first and favorite routines has got to be the ACR. It's just so open for you to do anything you want with it.
  13. That's nothing like it. That is a very old move, and with Fallen, the card is supposedly sticking out halfway.
  14. can this be done at eye level? or is it pretty angly?
  15. I'd like to know this too, but I have a feeling that it will be a while before anyone will have a good answer for us.

    I'd also like to know if any deck could be used.

    Shane K.
  16. It's been said it can be done with a borrowed deck.

  17. If you would read the enitre thread, you would know that it
    is done at eye level, and it can be a borrowed deck. I had the pleasure
    of seeing Danny perform this, its amazing!

    Calvin Lauber
  18. Yeah.

    I definatly read it before I put up my last post on this thread. I just happened to forget some points in the material I was reading.

    Thanks anyway.

    Shane K.

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