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  1. Bee decks aren't really used by magicians or cardists. I am by no means a magician or a cardist. Amateur of both, I have my own ACR and triumph. I know most one handed cuts, my own version of a sybil, dribbles, etc. I don't consider myself a professional of any sort not even a hobbyist ( even though I almost constantly have a deck of cards in my hands when no one is looking ). Not many people know I know ANYTHING about cards, and honestly... I prefer it that way. I'm known as a Martial Artist/Producer. I do not even have much material. I MAINLY use the expert at the card table, my strongest influences are Richard Turner, Ed marlo, Dai Vernon, Walter "Phantom" Scott, and Steve Forte. In no particular other, except maybe Richard Turner being the strongest influence.

    In my honest opinion, I prefer Bee's over ANY OTHER "standard" playing cards. Out of Bicycle's, Tally-Ho's, and Bee's. I prefer Bee's. When most people, "laymen" in particular ( if you will.. ), see Bee's. .. It's different, they expect Bicycle's maybe. Stare at the back of Bee's too long you might find yourself dizzy. I'll point out some pros and cons.

    Con 1:
    Try doing the classic force, they might not take the forced card. Because there's no white borders, since they're borderless it's harder for the brain to distinguish one card from the other in a split second, and may randomly choose the card to the left or right rather than the card that you wanted to pick... However there are many other forces and this isn't really a problem for me. Personally I use a customized slip force, that I've perfected over my life. Or I let them choose any card freely, then do a classic pass.

    Con 2:
    Trying to hide a reversed card in plain sight in a deck of Bee's ( or any borderless deck really ) It's almost impossible, ALMOST. With enough practice and a s***load of patience you may be able to get it down. It just has to PERFECTLY squared and straightened out. Not even the slightest bevel. I'm still working on this, however.. and maybe when get my technique down I'll share it.

    Pro 1:
    The feel. Oh, man.. Bee's feel SOOO much better than Bikes ( my personal preference ). Bikes are cut face down ( from the back ), while Bee's are cut facing UP. This means they faro smoother face down. Who faro's face up anyways? Ok...sometimes we do, but if you're playing a game of poker or whatever, you might get killed for doing a table farro face up... Also, they are ever so slightly thinner than Bikes and once you break them in a tiny but, SOFT. The feel is unreal. Yet, it "bounces back". When you palm them ( the right way ), and then unpalm them, it shouldn't appear bent. Also, I have failed to mention earlier, but when you buy them brand new they have a ever so slight arch.

    Pro 2:
    They're borderless. Obviously these are better for false deals. For example if you were using Bikes ( which have a white border and then blue or red ), and your false dealing they MIGHT see a flash of mixed color, which is bad. HOWEVER, if you practice enough, you can get your seconds, and bottoms so well. That you don't notice it. Sometimes I practice false dealing with Bikes, specifically for that purpose. To see how good my deals are.

    Now...there are many other pros and cons...but I'm just going to name the ones mentioned above.. I feel like I've ranted a bit too much. In the beginning I used Bikes, but when I got Expert At The Card Table, I realized that the cards that Erdnase were using... were Bee's. Also Richard Turner's favorite deck. I tried them out, and have been my favorite ever since. Only other Borderless cards I have or Madison's Erdnase Dealers and Madison's white rounders ( aren't exactly borderless...but they're blank but have a small design in the middle, they're sooo soft ). Both by Ellusionist.. To this DAY, I am waiting for theory11 to pump out some borderless designs... Sigh.

    P.S I swear to god, if I end up re-reading this later and there are tons of typos and I try to edit it, but it said's "its been over 5 minutes, you cannot edit it". I'm gonna be pissed.
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  2. Edit:

    I forgot to add....GET SOME BEE'S! You're missing out.
  3. I didn't see any typos during the first of second read. You're good on that front.

    It sounds like Bee's have a lot of benefits to table work. Some cons. But a lot of good benefits.

    I'll be honest, the only decks I have in my inventory are SEVERAL Bike decks and three decks from Theory11 (Mystery Box, NoMads, Green Monarchs). I spent the last year doing mostly one-handed flourish work. Since my cardistry project, I haven't done nearly a fraction of flourishes or card magic and I've instead had my head in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic since Christmas. It's between the burnout and that I wanted to try something new. But I haven't COMPLETELY written off cards. I'm still interested in it, but I have to do one-handed work because of my left hand and degenerative bone disease. I should at least try to see if I can do some card work and flourishes with the left just to see where I'm at since I did zero work with the left all last year.

    But I should learn some sort of card force and pass. That definitely needs to happen.

    That's cool that you're that fanatic about the Bees and are willing to work with them despite some of the cons you mentioned. Dedication!

    The CLOSEST thing you're going to get to a borderless deck by Theory11 is the Madison: Players. Even cooler is that the whole thing is a marked deck. I know they cost quite a wallop in the Elite Archive if you want one for free. However, you can get one on choice auction sites for $20-$30 if you want one sooner than later. You can get everything magic related cheaper in the summer if you're patient.
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