Daniel Madison or Dan and Dave?

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  1. which dvd is harder daniel madison motion or dan and dave buck trilogy dont know which one to get
  2. dan and dave buck trilogy
  3. Depends on the level of experience, I would have to say Dan And Dave Buck Trilogy because it requires a long amount of practise to get it smooth.

  4. Agreed....their moves are quite difficult.
  5. But beautiful. :D

  6. I think Dan & Daves stuff is more complex and time consuming to learn, but Madison has some brilliant and simple concepts he utilizes that get lots of mileage simply because of how good they look. He does lots of arial stuff, lots of revolution cut enders, and he moves his entire body around too. Dan and Dave have more technical stuff that looks equally as good, plus it requires much more time and patience.

    It is just a matter of taste really. I'm into both of their styles a lot.
  7. Daniels are very simple flourishes that look really gcool. Dan and Daves are more difficult that look good and also you get more respect from fellow flourishers too.

  8. Dan and Dave is harder stuff, but Daniel's in my opinion is far superior in many respects I am far to lazy to post now.
  9. I think that the trilogy is harder than dangerous and dangerous has better educational methods.
  10. I think that if you don't have too much experience you should go with the Trilogy. In my opinion Dan and Dave's teaching is far superior to Daniel Madisons. Also there is a lot more variety of moves on the Trilogy (not any 2 card, 1 car, or 4 card productions just straight up flourishes) Plus I think that Dan and Dave's moves are more visually pleasing.

    I don't know aybe I'm biased because I started with the trilogy. I guess they both have their difficulties. Just see which flourishes you like better and then choose for yourself.

  11. I got them both at the same time, when I had NO flourishing experience at all.

    It was a lot of fun, trying to learn crap I had NO idea how to do.

    But I watch Dangerous about 2 times a week and every time I get something new from it. (I litterally have watched Motion about... 90 times now?)

    Trilogy is great but harder.
  12. Trilogy is harder for me
  13. What he said

  14. holy crap I hate these threads....
    buy showoff 1&2, the system, and the EoPCF... don't get the trilogy. honestly, don't get anything by dm... he's great, but not original enough to be making dvd's.
  15. Daniel Madison is very creative. He takes old things and makes them, well, new. Don't even start by saying that is a lack of creativity, because Dan and Dave and Andrei Jekh both like and admire d+Ms creativity.

    Not only that, but he has style. And if it weren't for his DVDs (I have the Trilogy too) then I wouldn't be in flourishing today.

    Don't say that he isn't creative enough to realease a DVD though. His magic and flourishing are like no one elses.

    BTW, where is your Super-Creative DVD? I want to watch it and learn new moves!!!
  16. I'm glad he got you into flourishing... if your serious about it though you want to show the world something new or that you can do something more amazing then everybody else. Learning a bunch of sybil variations won't help you.

    Oh ya I saw your video, :), don't insult my skill level. And don't spell Andrei's name wrong.

  17. If you're looking to get one, get The Trilogy, the teaching is far, far better and easier to follow. Motion has excellent material on it, but a lot of it is quite difficult not only to learn, but to execute as well.

  18. The trilogy is harder. The flourishes on there take alot more practice to pull off smoothly whereas it doesn't take as long to pull off the moves on Motion. I've got all the flourishes on Motion down pretty good but I still can't get a smooth Pandora or Tectonic Verb.
  19. I disagree. I think the teaching on the Dangerous DVDs is FAR superior.
  20. Hmmm...

    I guess that proves that (unfortunately) the subjective opinions on this forum can't really give you a definitive "Buy THIS one!"

    I wish it could... DnD are just more my style, I guess.


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