David Blaine Split Spades 2nd Edition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pokili12, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Is There Any Plan for that Card? (David Blaine Split Spades 2nd Edition) just Asking :)
  2. The ones that t11 sold, if I'm not mistaken, WERE the second editions. The first editions had a different box and I believe a slightly different design as well.
  3. I believe that the ones sold on Theory 11 were the First Edition Split Spades. There was a David Blaine Bee deck which had a different Box and Design.....
    I could be mistaken :/
  4. The original Split Spades were on Bee stock in plain white cases.

    The next edition that was made were Tally Hos in boxes that resembled the tally ho box design.

    The first edition Lions were sold here on Theory 11
  5. Calvin is correct, however the Black Box Tally Ho's were the first run of Split Spades (red, blue, and black). The second run was the Bee stock with window tuck cases (black and inverted black) and the third run was the Lion series (red, blue, and special edition brown).

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